It's been 3 months since Iowa's first coronavirus death. These are some of the victims.


At least 688 people have died in Iowa over the last three months because of COVID-19. And today, June 24, marks three months since the state reported its first coronavirus death.

The first reported death in Iowa was in Dubuque County on March 24. 

The state does not identify the people who have been killed by the virus beyond what county they are from. But in an effort to know the people who were lost to the virus, The Gazette has gathered their obituaries and articles that were published in The Gazette, in other Iowa publications and by funeral homes throughout the state. 

The list below features people who were specifically identified as victims of COVID-19 in the obituaries or articles. They only represent a fraction of the number of Iowans who have died because many obituaries don't specify, and few articles have been written about the victims.

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