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Elijah Decious

Elijah Decious

The first time I learned how to ask good questions was at age 5, when I learned Santa Claus was not real. “Whose lap have I been sitting on all these years?!” was the first question I asked, according to my mother.

I’m a features reporter for The Gazette, which means I have the opportunity to get to know folks on a more personal level, show people the best parts of life and demonstrate how daily news affects members of the community. In addition to covering restaurants and food news, I serve on The Gazette’s Fact Checker team and have a particular passion for human interest pieces as well as stories focusing on marginalized communities.

Sometimes, taking a moment to listen to others and reflect on what they say — even those who might not think they have much of a story to tell — really puts things in perspective.

When I’m not reporting, I like to travel, go bird watching, search for new items to add to my Peanuts collection and keep my cat from scaring away the cardinals on my balcony.

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