Commit to be Fit: Turn TV into a treat for yourself

It’s that time of year again. I’m not talking about football season, sweater-weather, or pumpkin flavored everything. This is the tim ... »

Blum an easy sell on benefits of hospice care

HIAWATHA — LeAnn Thrapp didn’t have to apply too much pressure when U.S. Rep. Rod Blum visited the Dennis and Donna Oldorf Hospice Ho ... »

Champion character on and off the course

Many would agree that golf is an individual sport, but that’s not how No. 1 golf player in the world, Jordan Spieth, sees it.

If you ... »

Public health advocate to speak at University of Iowa Oct. 8

Byllye Avery has been on the front lines of the women’s health movement since the 1970s — leading grass-roots efforts and exploring t ... »

Commit to Health: Sitting is killing you slowly

You may want to stand up for this. Why? Because sitting down may be killing you.

The medical community calls it “Sitting Disease. ... »

Commit to be Fit: Exercise to boost creativity

Feeling stumped at work? Bored at home? Neuroscientists would encourage you to stand up and go for a walk. And for good reason — studies are ... »

Commit to be Fit: Take advantage of school routines

The routine of children going back to school can benefit the whole family. Parents also can take advantage of this time of year.

1. Annual ... »
University of Iowa Hospital, Hawkeyes come together to honor Kid Captains

IOWA CITY — On the University of Iowa’s west side, the UI Children’s Hospital and Kinnick Stadium sit side by side. But it ... »

Change up your workout routine by trying free yoga sessions at area parks

Yoga is a great way to stay fit, and the Cedar Rapids and Marion parks and recreation departments are offering free, summerlong yoga classes for al ... »

U.S. Supreme Court upholds key Obamacare insurance subsidies

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the nationwide availability of tax subsidies that are crucial to the implementation o ... »

Volunteering at hospice brings both tears and rewards

He can’t say why he chose it.

All he wanted to do was serve others. So Todd Betzer, 72 of Marion, found himself volunteering at a hos ... »

University of Iowa plans to develop early screening test for pregnancy disorder

IOWA CITY — The American Heart Association announced Thursday a $3.7 million grant to fund a team of University of Iowa researchers investig ... »

No backup should Supreme Court scrap ACA subsidies

By the end of this month, the Supreme Court will announce its decision in King v. Burwell, the latest high-stakes fight over the Affordable Care Ac ... »

Caregivers Part Two: Don’t forget to take care of yourself

IOWA CITY — For many caregivers, the time involved in caring for a loved one often means juggling employment with a whole new list of at-hom ... »

Advocacy director: Eldercare can be ‘very much a full-time job’

While the typical family caregiver is a 49-year-old woman who takes care of a relative, caregivers are becoming as diverse as the American populati ... »