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Connecting Czech culture across Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS - When floodwaters swallowed the city in 2008, Sonya Darrow - a Czech-American artist splitting her time between her native Cedar Rapids and the Czech Republic - watched as the waves washed away precious Czech heritage.

After the wate ... »

New liaison says Iowa City offers more ‘besides its reputation’

IOWA CITY - On any given evening, downtown is bustling with activity. People of all kinds flock to the Pedestrian Mall for late-night food, drinks and entertainment. And at the center of it is Nighttime Mayor Angela Winnike.

Winnike, a 34-year-ol ... »

Longtime Kolach Festival volunteer Ed Kuba partly to thank for the festival’s revival in the 1970s

CEDAR RAPIDS - Those lined up for kolaches this weekend at St. Ludmila Catholic Church may not realize that without the help of 81-year-old volunteer Ed Kuba, they might be kolach-less.

The annual Kolach Festival originally started sometime in t ... »

Sewing smiles: Williamsburg group makes sock monkeys for pediatric patients

WILLIAMSBURG - Two years ago, when Jayna Snodgrass, then 6, suffered severe burns in a kitchen accident, she ... »

Ceramics Center offers new short-term visiting artist program

In three short weeks, Georgia-based ceramic artist Paul Maloney has created five large sculptures and around 200 cups as a visiting artist at the Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio in Cedar Rapids.

Maloney is the second of five visiting artists ... »

Cedar Rock: Frozen in time

Stepping through the door of Cedar Rock is like stepping through a portal in time.

The Quasqueton home, built in 1950 by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright for Lowell and Anges Walter, is just as the Walters left it when they dedicated ... »

Freedom Stitchers of Iowa honors veterans with handmade quilts

MARION - As the husband of a woman who makes quilts for veterans, Ron Kruse says he has witnessed many emotional - often tearful - ceremonies in which the quilts are presented as a way of saying "thank you for your service."

On Aug. 5, Kruse, 72 ... »

Vinton man who helped liberate concentration camp to be featured in upcoming film

John Gualtier, a 91-year-old World War II veteran living in Vinton, was just 19 when he helped liberate the Gunskirchen Lager concentration camp in Austria on May 4, 1945.

It was just a year into his service as a combat medic that the 71st Infantr ... »

Bird-watcher’s bliss at Iowa City home

Tucked into a steep hillside in the historic Manville Heights neighborhood of Iowa City is an unsuspecting but beautiful midcentury modern.

Home to Nancy Lynch, 75, this 1959 design by Henry Fisk - a prominent Iowa City architect known for his m ... »

E-I-E-I-Om; Eastern Iowa farms offering ‘farm yoga’

Surrounded by farmland as far as the eye could see, nearly 20 yogis spread their mats on the hay-covered dirt at Pink Alpaca Farms in Wellman on a sunny Saturday afternoon last weekend for an outdoor practice. But they weren't alone.

They'd be sh ... »