Orlan Love

Outdoors reporter for The Gazette


Good Neighbor Iowa to fight ‘perfect lawn mentality’

#x201c;You kids get off my lawn!#x201d; - a catch phrase stereotyping elderly homeowners as cranky - may be good advice if the lawn in question, as with so many American lawns, is regularly treated with chemical weed and pest killers.

#x201c;The ' ... »

Trouble with hogs in northeast Iowa

LIME SPRINGS - A few miles southeast of this Howard County town, rural dwellers attracted by sparkling creeks, stately bur oaks and harmonious neighbors fear the quality of their air and water - not to mention the quality of their lives - soon will be c ... »

Sioux City recap: Innovations and solutions for agriculture, energy and environment discussed

Exciting. Pioneering. Interconnected. But also challenged. Conflicted. And in transition.

These were a few of the words that participants at The Gazette's Iowa Ideas symposium used to describe the current state of agriculture and energy & enviro ... »

In Iowa: Labor of Love far more rewarding than a Fitbit

Some things are too good to be true and others, like the broadfork, only seem so.

The broadfork, a simple hand gardening tool, provides amazing soil health and fertility benefits, which would be more than enough if that's all it did.

But, th ... »

Pleasant Creek Lake restoration almost complete

PALO - The restoration of Pleasant Creek Lake, Linn County's largest and most popular lake, is "99 percent complete," said Paul Sleeper, the Department of Natural Resources fisheries management biologist who coordinating the project.

All that's ... »

Photo from 2006 in Cedar Rapids leads to worldwide recognition of new cloud

A photo taken nearly 11 years ago in Cedar Rapids has led to the worldwide recognition of a previously unclassified type of cloud.

#x201c;I feel very privileged to be a part of all that,#x201d; said Waterloo photographer Jane Wiggins, who on June ... »

Turkeys, walleyes thriving in Iowa yet again

The state's successful efforts to restore the wild turkey to its native haunts and to multiply the numbers of highly desirable walleye in Iowa rivers make spring much more alluring than it was when I grew up in the 1950s along the banks of the Wapsipini ... »

Need for collaboration emphasized at agriculture symposium

More than a dozen farm sector representatives, with several from Hawkeye Community College and the Iowa Soybean Association, shared their perspectives at the Iowa Ideas Agriculture Symposium on March 28 at the University of N ... »

A great year for Ben Ries’ passions

RIVERSIDE - It was an exceptionally good year for Ben Ries, a lover of dogs and underdogs who died of cancer in 2005.

His beloved Cubs finally won the World Series, and the organization the Alburnett boy inspired raised more than $250,000 l ... »

CAFO law would hurt recourse, organization says

A law under consideration in the Legislature threatens to further limit the recourse of Iowans suffering the ill effects of neighboring livestock confinements, the Iowa Policy Project warned on Wednesday.

The legislation, as approved last week by ... »