Orlan Love

Outdoors reporter for The Gazette


‘Crimson Arrows’ is more than a ‘bowhunting odyssey’

Cedar Rapids archer Eyad Yehyawi could have written an instruction manual for mastering the art of bowhunting.

He could have written thrilling adventure tales of a world-class and world-traveling bowhunter. He could have written paeans to t ... »

There’s beauty in a pheasant’s blurry takeoff

During pheasant season I like to look at a wildlife print hanging on the wall in my living room.

The painting - by the late, esteemed Iowa wildlife artist James Landenberger - depicts a hen and a rooster pheasant somewhat larger than life. ... »

Surprises make this hunt more than a long walk

If not for pleasant surprises - some might say luck - last week's upland game bird hunt would have been little more than a long walk.

Arthur Clark of Quasqueton and I, accompanied by Art's bird dog Gunny, set out to fill our fall turkey tag ... »

Fishing the ‘golden hour’ on the Mississippi

LANSING - With the sun still hovering above the bluffs on the Iowa side of the Mississippi River, imparting an ethereal glow to both sky and water, the fortunes of four down-on-their-luck anglers suddenly turned.

I and my fishing companions - ne ... »

Fishing along Maquoketa River on the mend

DELHI - Surveying the debris-strewn muck flats below the Lake Delhi dam shortly after its 2010 failure, I doubted I would live long enough to see the recovery of that once-famous smallmouth bass fishery.

Well, I have.

It may not be al ... »

An ‘average’ day on farm pond is productive

SIGOURNEY - Fishing farm ponds with Tom Monroe feels a little like cheating, but not so much that you can't justify it.

While far from shooting fish in a barrel, fishing in a good pond has advantages over angling in lakes and streams - adva ... »

Organic farmers sprouting up across Iowa

Organic farming is growing in Iowa almost as fast as the bane of chemical-free farmers - weeds.

While pigweed and lambsquarter can double in size in a few sunny days, the number of organic producers and processors in Iowa has increased 31 percen ... »

In Iowa: New hope for the monarch takes flight

The pleasure afforded by the shade of the giant bur oak overhanging my garden is more than doubled these days by the flitting of monarch butterflies.

As they flutter from milkweed to corn tassel to oak leaf, seeming to leave orange and black contr ... »

Dinner in a hog barn gives taste of debate

A recent dinner in a pig barn underscored something I've long known but too often forget: There are good people on both sides of most controversial issues.

The good people hosting the dinner, the Buchanan County Pork Producers Association, did so ... »

Cedar Rapids, Storm Lake model how 'to treat all water'

Though Iowa's agriculture-related pollution gets most of the attention - as it should, with an estimated 90 percent of the state's nitrate pollution coming from farm fields - cities are doing their share to clean up the state's surface water.

Un ... »