Orlan Love

Outdoors reporter for The Gazette


A great year for Ben Ries’ passions

RIVERSIDE - It was an exceptionally good year for Ben Ries, a lover of dogs and underdogs who died of cancer in 2005.

His beloved Cubs finally won the World Series, and the organization the Alburnett boy inspired raised more than $250,000 l ... »

CAFO law would hurt recourse, organization says

A law under consideration in the Legislature threatens to further limit the recourse of Iowans suffering the ill effects of neighboring livestock confinements, the Iowa Policy Project warned on Wednesday.

The legislation, as approved last week by ... »

New book finds food in the ‘wild’

Wild plants taste good and promote health, and procuring them is a lot more fun than a trip to the supermarket, said Iowa author and renowned forager Mike Krebill, whose new book provides expert guidance in finding, identifying, preparing and enj ... »

Poll: More Iowa farmers using practices to reduce nutrient pollution

Iowa farmers say they substantially have increased their adoption of conservation practices intended to reduce nutrient pollution of the state's water, according to the results of the latest Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll.

"The results show that ... »

In Iowa: Counting butterflies important step in reclaiming habitat

I always wanted to add #x201c;scientist#x201d; to my LinkedIn profile.

But as one who #x201c;measures#x201d; rainfall in an ungraduated 5-gallon pail, and as one who interprets Ross Perot's famous dictum as #x201c;estimate once and cut twice,#x201 ... »

Cedar Rapids fisherman has unique technique

CEDAR RAPIDS - A former fishing guide this weekend will unveil a new angling technique he said will outfish most other methods.

Doc (his given name) Matthews, 60, of Cedar Rapids will describe and demonstrate the #x201c;DocSet#x201d; fishin ... »

Can voluntary conservation efforts work?

With barely perceptible progress in Iowa's effort to reduce nutrient pollution in surface waters, the state's voluntary approach to private lands conservation is under increasing pressure and criticism.

Believing that voluntary conservation will ... »

Iowa sees second warmest February in 145 years

CEDAR RAPIDS - Iowans who went south for late winter comfort missed the second warmest February on record - a month notable for such anomalies as surging maple sap, blooming crocuses, surfacing nightcrawlers and the early birds that dote on them.

... »

New book celebrates rebirth of Brook Creek

A new children's book by a local author and illustrator tells the true story of the rebirth of a long-lost northeast Iowa trout stream.

#x201c;Creekfinding,#x201d; written by Mount Vernon author Jacqueline Martin and illustrated by Iowa City artis ... »

Iowa group unveils plan to save the monarchs

The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium on Monday released a statewide strategy to support monarch butterfly recovery in Iowa and North America.

The strategy's primary goal is to establish milkweed as part of healthy natural ecosystems.

It ... »