Erin Jordan

Cedar Rapids Gazette reporter who occasionally gets to do TV stuff.



Johnson County group hosts Atul Gawande simulcast viewing Monday

TRAIL of Johnson County and the Iowa City-Johnson County Senior Center will co-host a simulcast presentation by Atul Gawande, a nationally-known surgeon, public health researcher and author, as he talks about aging, dying and talking with your family ab ... »

Researcher: Tweaking farming practices could have big water quality impact

CEDAR RAPIDS - Ending two farming practices would reduce harmful nitrates in Iowa's rivers and streams by 10 to 20 percent in just one year, predicted Chris Jones, a University of Iowa research engineer speaking at the Iowa Ideas conference Friday.

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Iowa Public information Board won’t release tape to ombudsman

The Iowa Public Information Board won't allow the state ombudsman's office to review audio recording of a closed-session meeting to assess whether the board violated Iowa's open meetings law.

The board voted 7-2 Thursday to withhold the recording ... »

Layoffs expected at Mercy Iowa City

IOWA CITY - Mercy Iowa City will cut 115 positions -- with 65 people expected to be laid off or have their hours reduced Tuesday -- amid financial struggles that have been ongoing, despite the small private hospital joining a regional health network ear ... »

Key Iowa property tax reform commitment now on chopping block

DES MOINES - When Iowa lawmakers passed a massive commercial property tax cut in 2013, they promised to backfill city and county coffers to partially compensate for the loss of revenue used to pay for roads, police and fire, libraries and other public n ... »

Retiring employee shaped Iowa City affordable housing policy

Doug Boothroy retired last week after 42 years of working for the city of Iowa City, with most of his career spent leading Housing Inspection Services. This depa ... »

Iowa City rally highlights setbacks to immigrants and workers

IOWA CITY - The goal of a Thursday night rally in downtown Iowa City was to keep fresh in people's minds the setbacks labor unions, immigrants and workers wanting higher wages have faced in the last year.

#x201c;We are united today, and our movem ... »

Iowa Farm Bureau sets policy agenda

WEST DES MOINES - Iowa Farm Bureau delegates at the group's annual conference in West Des Moines this week hashed out minor policy issues as they wait for change on major issues that are out of their hands.

Farmers are waiting on Congress's 2018 ... »

Fewer Iowa beach advisories issued this year

Iowa's beach monitoring program, which issues no-swim advisories for high levels of toxins at state park beaches, posted 86 percent fewer advisories for a toxin caused by blue-green algae in 2017 than the previous year.

The Iowa Department of Natu ... »

Questions, opposition for water quality rules change at Iowa DNR hearing

WASHINGTON, Iowa - The majority of community members who spoke at a public hearing Tuesday in Washington said they want Iowa to continue to use two ways of measuring bacteria in Iowa's recreational waters.

#x201c;The standard should not be lowere ... »