Troubleshooting your online subscription

We understand that navigating websites can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating experience. This page is an attempt to provide some simple steps that you can do on your own to resolve some of the most common issues experienced with our online products.

Step 1 - Determine your subscription type

The Gazette offers several different subscription types. Some come with online access and others do not. To find out which subscription type you have, please open a separate tab or window and open this url:

If you get an error message saying your password is invalid, you may need to reset your password. Go here to do so. Click the "Forgot your Password?" link on the box that pops up.


If you have one of these subscription types, you have full access to all of our digital products. This includes and the Green Gazette, which is a digital replica of the print paper.

  • 5 Day print
  • 6 Day print
  • 7 Day print
  • Sunday print with Complete Digital
  • Weekend print with Complete Digital
  • Complete Digital

If you have this, you only have access to


You can access the eEdition of the printed paper by clicking here or on the link at the bottom of

Step 2 - Logging in to your product

The same username and password you used to determine your subscription type should work to allow you to access Use the link in the upper right-hand part of your screen. Or, if you have hit our paywall, click the "Login" link or button. Enter your username/password. Once you log in, you will have access to all the articles on




Green Gazette

The same username and password you used to determine your subscription type should work to allow you to access the Green Gazette if it is part of your subscription. Use the link at the bottom of to go to the Green Gazette and sign in.

Step 3 - Solving login issues

If you have successfully logged in above to check your subscription type, but you still are not able to log in, the issue could be with your cookies or cache. Sometimes, it is possible for old or outdated information to get stuck in your computer. The steps below will "reset" your system. These steps will also log you out of *every* site you are signed into, so you will have to sign back in to things like Facebook and Google again.

Determine what browser you are using and follow the links below to clean your system. In each case, be sure for time range to select "All Time", and for what to clear choose, "All cookies and other site data"

Desktop systems

Google Chrome:

Microsoft Edge:


Mac Apple Safari:

Smartphones and Tablets

Apple iPad and iPhone (Safari):

Apple iPad and iPhone (Chrome):

Android Google Chrome:

Step 4 - Other issues

If your computer or device will not remember you, you may have privacy settings that are getting in the way. Cookies are required for the remember me function to work properly. Ad Blockers and Private browsing can clear cookies after each browsing session, which will force you to log in every time you come back to the site.

Most Ad Blockers provide a way to "whitelist" a site. Please make sure you add to this whitelist. The instructions for each ad blocker vary.

Also, please make sure you are not using private browsing or incognito mode to visit These modes clear cookies when you close your browser so you will have to re-enter your username/password each time.

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