Iowa Legislature 2020 first funnel's survivors and victims

The reflection of the dome of the State Capitol building is seen in a puddle in Des Moines on Monday, Dec. 14, 2015. (Ad
The reflection of the dome of the State Capitol building is seen in a puddle in Des Moines on Monday, Dec. 14, 2015. (Adam Wesley/The Gazette)

Here is a scorecard on the status some of issues proposed during the Iowa Legislature’s 2020 session


Governor’s IWILL tax relief/mental health plan (SSB3116/HSB657)

Ban hand-held electronic devices while driving (SF2248/HF2375)

Seek voter approval of a constitutional amendment on abortion (SJR2001/HJR2004)

Raise tobacco/vaping possession age to 21 (SF2268/HSB557)

Give schools more power to manage disruptive students (SF2190/HSB598)

Require felons to pay victim restitution before voting rights are restored (SF2129)

Allow financial compensation for college athletes (SF2330/HF2282)

Make daylight saving time permanent (SF2077/HF2059)

Expand provisions of Iowa’s medical cannabis program (SSB3136/HSB653)

Review public assistance recipients’ eligibility (SF2272)

Change statute of limitations for child sexual abuse (SSB3032)

Expand Future Ready Iowa workforce incentives (SSB3077/HF2384)

Expand incentives for broadband in rural areas (SF2262/HF2459)

Increase state aid to 327 K-12 school districts (SF2142/HF2243)

Provide more school transportation/equity funding (SF2164/HF2245)

Boost flood recovery assistance to $21 million (SF2144) SIGNED

Create offense/fine for highway “left lane camping” vehicles (SF389)

Install rumble strips at rural highway intersections (SF2180/HF2004)

Bar businesses from requiring employee microchip implants (HSB580)

Modify Iowa’s bottle bill law (SSB3109/HSB507)

Offer “Fly Our Colors” license plates (SF2268/HF2079)

Designate honeybee as official state insect (SSB3187)

Impose $250,000 “hard cap” on medical malpractice noneconomic damages (SF2338)

Allow permit-holders to carry guns on school grounds (SF2224/HF2162)

Change income eligibility to remove “cliff effect” in childcare assistance program (HF2203)

Bar optional school health screenings unless parents’ consent (SF2153)

Expand regulation of certain tobacco/hemp-related products (SF2127/HSB646)

Modify provisions for final disposition/disinterment of human remains (SF2135HSB521)

Allow breweries to manufacture canned cocktails (SF2134/HF2314)

Create special farm driver’s license for minors aged 14-18 (SF2094)

Create crime for defrauding a workplace drug/alcohol test (SF2273/HSB539)

Expand the definition of barbering to include mobile cosmetology (SF155/HF2195)

Require suicide hotline number on school-issued student IDs (SF2081)

Require front and rear lights on bicycles (SF2090)

Clarify no “escape clause” for mandatory life prison term (SF2093)

Disqualify commercial driver’s license for trafficking conviction (SF2089/HF2235)

Bar release of child sex abuse victim ID except by court authority (SF2092/HF2054)

Allow county attorneys/assistance to carry weapons (SF2095)

Allow EMTs to carry guns in tactical emergency situations (SF2096/HF2036)

Expand indecent exposure criminal offense (SF2097/HSB523)

Raise the financial cap allowed for in-home bakeries (HSB645)

Eliminate diversity plans affecting open enrollment in five school districts (SF199)

Establish periodic review/possible “sunset” of state boards (SSB3142)

Limit flags at public buildings to U.S., state, local, POW/MIA (SSB3017)

Allow catfish to be taken by bow and arrow (HF2132)

Install adult changing stations at highway rest areas (HF2097)

Allow more frequent veterans card game tournaments (SF2266)

Establish regulations for low-speed electric bicycles (SF2205/HSB630)

Exempt show choir students from high-school PE requirement (SF2041)

Require Declaration of Independence preamble display in schools (SF2101)

Provide corporal punishment immunity to school boards/volunteers (SF2288)

Seal divorce records at a judge’s discretion (SSB3160)

Bar employers from banning workers from carrying firearms to the job site (SF459)

Require tobacco permit to sell metal/glass pipes used to smoke meth (SSB3007)

Require health insurer to reimburse telehealth same as in-person services (HF2001)

Allow debt offset on sports-wagering winnings (HSB502)

Modify sex offender registry requirements (HF2068)

Legalize lemonade stands operated by minors (HF2238/2241)

Exempt farmers from chauffer license requirement to transport goods (HSB530)

Provide immunity to money advisers who report financial exploitation of adults (HSB574)

Allow College Savings Iowa funds to be used for out-of-state education (HF2340)

Create crime for continuous sexual abuse of a child (SSB3064/HSB595)

Bar hemp products for inhalation (HF2237)

Mandate 75 percent of UI medical/dental school students be Iowans (HF2383)

Provide court-awarded attorney fees for successful local “ban-the-box” challenge (HF2309)

Enhances penalty for eluding law enforcement vehicle (HF2338/SF2274)

Require blaze orange apparel on public land/ by tree stand in hunting season (HSB654/SF2270))

Raise fine to $2,500 for illegally selling, taking or possessing an eagle (HF326)

Create $2,500 fine for illegally hunting black bears out of season (HF2341)

Establish lifetime trout fishing stamp for seniors aged 65 and older (HF2369)

Allow coyote hunters to use infrared lights mounted to method of take (SF537}

Authorize law officers to carry guns on school grounds (SF2184}

Phase out promotion play tax for casinos over five years (HSB512)

Grant liability immunity for veterinarians aiding authorities in a civil/criminal case (HSB556)

Restrict local authority to regulate rental housing (HSB690/SSB3178)

Expand criminal penalties for animal mistreatment (HF737)

Raise upper age limit for 8-year driver’s license from 72 to 78 (HSB563)

Direct DOT to install/maintain adult changing stations at highway rest areas (HF2097)

Increase child care provider rates for government assistance (HF2067)

Establish veterans’ treatment courts in each judicial district (SF2087)

Expand infant/toddler definition for childcare provider reimbursement rates (HF2128)

Provide public bodies alternatives to traditional low-bid process on projects (HSB586/SSB3115)

Offer corn state license plates (SF2297)

Establish a 2-cent per gallon gas tax exemption for E-15 fuel (HSB689)

Create crime for knowingly committing offenses related to beekeeping (SF393

Require DOT public hearing when proposing four-lane city bypass (HF2260)

Require last immunization record in death of child age 3 or less (SF2302)

Create criminal offense of food operation trespass (SSB3171)

Create a “right to be forgotten act” to remove Internet content (SF2236)

Allow employers to bar marijuana use at workplace (SSB3188)

Create $60 fine for texting violation near school (HF2153)

Limit county supervisors’ salaries to county median income (HF2035)

Bar employers from requiring non-compete pacts for low-wage workers (SF2332)

Require public officials/employees convicted of fraud/embezzlement to serve jail time (HF2436)

Establish DPS cybercrime investigation division (HSB616/SSB3010)

Designate U.S. 20 in Iowa as “Iowa Patriots Memorial Highway” (SF2308)

Establish office of student loan ombudsman (SF539)

Protect school personnel regarding student free speech conduct (SF2138)

Bar local laws affecting the use of a working animal (SSB3180)

Require state license to offer medication abortions (HSB678)

Amend constitution to clarify lieutenant governor line of succession (SSB3114)

Require able-bodied welfare/Medicaid recipients to work or volunteer (SSB3158)

Increase the number of out-of-state deer hunting licenses (HF2014/SSB3129)

Change provisions for maximum jobless benefits duration (HF2462/SF2333)

Expand program for rural doctors’ loan repayments (HF2460)

Establish legislative study of police officer disciplinary action (HSB699)

Enhance penalty for vehicle-bicycle crashes causing injury/death (HF2446)

Require musical reunion acts performing in Iowa to have at least one original member (HF2304)

Block strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) libel actions (HSB537)

Require government entity probing discrimination allegations to define anti-Semitism (HF2303)

Require doctors to give women information regarding medication abortions (HSB672)

Set protocol for final disposition of human fetal remains by health-care facilities (HSB660)

Recognize out-of-state professional licenses for several occupations (HSB647/SSB3122)

Conduct study for revitalizing Iowa’s highway rest areas (HSB687)

Eliminate the state hospital licensing board (SSB3111)

Create transparency in prescription drug pricing (HF2253)

Establish health strategy to increase breastfeeding in Iowa (SF2230)

Allow immunity to minors seeking help for alcohol-related emergencies (HSB684)

Require employers to accommodate employee pregnancy/childbirth needs (HSB608)

Bar state/local governments from using public funds for ransomware attacks (SF2080)

Amend constitution to add crime victim protections (SJR8)

Create state-only funded eligibility phase-out program for childcare assistance families. (HF2203)

Create an Internet Exchange Point Feasibility study (HSB588)

Allow certain residential buildings to install commercial elevators (HSB667)

Allow 5-year-olds to participate in voluntary preschool for a two-year period (HF2048)

Require electronic reporting of suicide protocols by school districts (HF2120)

Bar defense due to discovery, knowledge or disclosure of victim’s sexual orientation/gender ID (HSB693)

Implements process for collection/tracking of sexual abuse evidence collection kits (HSB694)

Allow hunters to use dogs to track wounded deer (HF657)

Add Chronic Wasting Disease to state’s infectious/contagious disease list (HF2240)

Create voluntary human sex trafficking prevention training program for hotel/motel owners (HF2259)

Extend timeline for filing a complaint with the Iowa Public Information Board (HSB622)

Allow for a wine “growler” sales (HSB663)

Increase minimum age of a special minors driver’s license from 14 to 15 (HF2194)

Modify salary for Ethics/Campaign Finance executive director (HSB621)

Provide legal protections for peace officers involved in shootings (SF2292)

Establish grant fund to relocate Puerto Ricans to Iowa (HF2136)

Set local parameters for weapons/gun range regulations and security (HSB615/SSB3138)

Create peace officers’ bill of rights (SF2293/HSB704)

Increase criminal penalties for sexual misconduct with offenders in custody (HF515)


Increase speed limits on Iowa roadways (HF2166)

Raise state tobacco tax by $1 to $2.36 per pack (HF2167)

Allow end-of-life options for patients with terminal conditions (SF2156/HF2302)

Close loopholes to protect mobile home occupants/tenants (HF2351/SF2238)

Remove gender identity from civil rights protections (HF2164)

Increase state minimum hourly wage to $10.25 on July 1 (HF2076)

Provide religious freedom protections for businesses (SF508)

Include vaping in Iowa’s smoke-free air act (SSB3052/HSB627)

Require pregnant women to view ultrasound image/wait 72 hours for an abortion (SF2215)

Establish Central Standard Time as permanent time in Iowa (SF2020)

Approve July 4 sales tax exemption for guns/ammunition (HSB648)

Allow students to appeal grades based on alleged political bias (SF2057)

Prohibit cities from annexing fertile farm land (HF2286)

Bar conversion therapy regarding sexual orientation/gender identity (HSB698/SF2257)

Create “extreme risk” firearms protective order (HF2367)

Bar seclusion rooms in public/private schools (HF2386)

Establish policies to limit students’ smartphone use at school (HF2347)

Expand legislative oversight of Iowa Supreme Court decisions (SSB3181)

Require helmets for minors operating motorcycles/motorized bikes (HF2233)

Eliminate criminal penalties for possessing marijuana (HF2208)

Establish moratorium on constructing large-scale animal feeding facilities (HF2127/SF2254)

Require pole-vaulting competition at high-school track meets (HF2100)

Require seat belt/harness for all rear-seat passengers (HF2003/SF2012)

Establish education savings grants for pupils in low-performing districts (SF2206)

Repeal bottle deposit law in July 2023 (HF2205)

Allow life prison term with parole for people charged as murder accessories (SF2231)

Authorize electronic monitoring in nursing facilities (SF2229)

Allow permit-holders to carry guns on college campuses (SF2161)

Bar doctors from performing sex-change procedures with criminal penalties (SF2213)

Require applicants to disclose sexual orientation on marriage certificates (SF2130)

Bar smoking in car with passenger under age 14 (SF2028/HF2093)

Require large rental building owners to disclose utility costs to apartment-seekers (HSB635)

Preserve health insurance protection for pre-existing conditions (HF2327/SF2064)

Require high-school athletes to compete based upon sex designation at birth (HF2202)

Allow college student ID cards for voter registration (SF2126)

Exempt medical cannabis products from state sales tax (SF2124)

Create crime for sexual activity with 16-, 17-year-olds without adult consent (HF2248)

Bar school-administered vaccination without parental consent (SF2174)

Increase redemption center container fee to two cents (HF2206)

Establish “Protect freedom of conscience from government discrimination” act (SF2194/HF2273

Create study panel to evaluate inclusion of transgender in civil rights protections (HF2274)

Require schools to notify parents of lessons on sexual orientation/gender identity (HF2201)

Expand oversight of privately managed Medicaid program (SF2177)

Change window tint standards/procedures for motor vehicles (SF2149)

Expand cities’ authority to declare a public safety nuisance (SSB3127)

Ensure regional/geographic balance on the DOT Commission (HF2251/SF2002)

Expand insurance requirements for transportation network drivers (SF2167)

Offer competitive grants for anti-bullying/harassment training (SF2207)

Require local governments/schools to publish Nov. 1 salary report (SF2072)

Create a life imprisonment review committee (HF2433)

Establish state licensure of clinical art therapists (SF2021)

Modify family planning services program requirements (SF2033/HF2172)

Bar state/local governments from accepting virtual currency payments (SF2079)

Require free menstrual products in school/state building bathrooms (SF2039)

Enhance assault protections for sports officials/referees (SF2023/HF2043)

Require regent university outdoor stadium safety reports (HSB585) Require employers to accommodate employee pregnancy/childbirth needs (HSB608)

Add African-American history to education standards (HF2385)

Enact campaign finance reform (HF2371)

Increase REAP funding to $25 million a year indefinitely (HF2342)

Set 10-cent retail fee for plastic bags and ban restaurant plastic straws (HF2332)

Require volunteer service as a condition of high-school graduation (HF2329)

Expand operation of all-terrain vehicles on secondary roads (SF2158)

Expand Iowa Utilities Board to five members serving five-year terms (HF2247)

Establish education scholarships for private school students (HF2261)

Bar after-school activities/events on political precinct caucus dates (HF2227)

Establish paid sick/medical/family leave for employees (HF2223)

Bar teachers from political advocacy in classroom (HF2184)

Give neighbor 48-hour notice before spreading livestock manure on nearby field (HF2178)

Bar smoking on state-licensed casino gambling floors (HF2143)

Eliminate 40-acre per farm limit on hemp production (HF2105)

Establish multi-state compact to phase out corporate welfare (HF2095)

Strike 2017 union recertification vote requirement (HF2075)

Regulate wild mushroom sales at retail food services (HF2420)

Direct DOT passenger rail study from Dubuque to Black Hawk County (HF2400)

Replace Iowa State Patrol cruisers at 130,000 miles (HF2399)

Require landlord/tenant inventory checklists (SF2291)

Require regent universities to hire a public policy events director (HF2185)

Change law on confidential law enforcement reports (HSB623)

Create DPS cold-case investigative unit (HF2430)

Enact Healthy Moms/Babies Act to address maternal health care issues (SF2062)

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We value your trust and work hard to provide fair, accurate coverage. If you have found an error or omission in our reporting, tell us here.

Or if you have a story idea we should look into? Tell us here.