John George, candidate for Iowa House District 75

John George
John George

House District 75 covers Benton County and part of northern Iowa County.

Name: John George

Party: Libertarian

Residence: Marengo

Age: 44

Occupation: Family law reform advocate

Education: Political science/legal studies, Columbia College


What are the three most important issues facing Iowans, and how would you address them?

• Medicaid and health care: Iowa’s current health care is a fiasco fueled by partisan politics. If privatization is going to save the state money, then allow more managed care organizations’s in the marketplace to encourage competition and drive prices down.

• Water quality: Reform cronyist laws exempting corporate farms and hold them accountable for damages. Allow family farms more agricultural freedom.

• Tax Reform/budgeting: Completely dismantle Iowa’s outdated tax code. End corporate welfare and cronyism.

Do you believe the state should increase the minimum wage? If yes, to what level?

Yes, to an extent. If an increase was implemented, I’d like to see it around $10 to $10.50 per hour, which is what most employers already pay their employees. That being said, artificially raising the wage ceiling would increase unemployment for unskilled workers by having more productive and skilled applicants compete for jobs once given to disadvantaged laborers. It would also raise costs for local employers, which would lead to price increases.


Would you vote to roll back the state income tax cuts passed last session? Would you expand them?

I would back any bill expanding tax and spending cuts that allow greater economic freedom for Iowans that need it most by allowing individuals to keep more of what they earn. Iowa’s personal income and corporate tax laws need broadened and revamped to attract new industries and jobs to the state and to compete with neighboring states.

Would you vote to end or phase out the property tax “backfill” for local governments?

This situation should have never been agreed to in the first place. There’s no reason for cutting property taxes on commercial or industrial properties just to subsidize local revenue losses with more taxpayer money. However, crap always flows downhill, and the local districts should have had a contingency plan in place before trusting the state. As big as a mess this turned out to be, where I come from, we keep our word when we make a promise, and I think the state needs to keep its word too.

Would you vote to ban automated traffic cameras/enforcement devices? If no, would you favor bringing them under state regulation?

Automated traffic cameras and devices are nothing but revenue generators for local municipalities instituted under the guise of public safety. I would back a bill banning all traffic cameras as long as it was in line with the Iowa Constitution and doesn’t violate municipal home rule powers in the cities that have local authority.

Would you vote to expand Iowa’s current medical cannabis law? Legalize marijuana?

Iowa is behind the curve on cannabis legislation due to Republican legislators and their irrationally based fear of the devil’s lettuce. My vote would be to gut our current legislation, making it more comprehensive. This includes adding medical conditions, whole-plant access, the ability for patients to grow their own plants, civil protections from the law for doctors and patients, and affordability. Medical freedom doesn’t exist if we aren’t allowed to treat our afflictions how we each see fit.


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Should Iowa amend the state Constitution to protect the right to bear arms beyond current language? Would you support a “constitutional carry” change to Iowa’s firearm permit system that would significantly expand gun rights?

The Iowa Supreme Court has a brilliant history of interpreting the Iowa Constitution to protect the individual rights of Iowans more securely than the federal Constitution. With this mind, I say it’s about time. I would also 100 percent support a change to Iowa law permitting full constitutional carry.

Would you support giving counties local control to regulate livestock facilities? Would you favor a moratorium on new large CAFO construction?

The pollution problems faced in Iowa today by corporate farms and CAFO’s is something that needs to be delegated to local communities and counties for the simple fact that local residents are the ones who have to deal with the hazards they create and that the state legislative branch has failed in protecting the property rights of individuals harmed by these entities by protecting them with immunity from lawsuits and writing bad laws that grant corporate entities entitlements.through the law.

What are your thoughts on increasing funding for public education? Would you vote to extend 1-cent SAVE sales tax for school infrastructure until 2049?

The SAVE tax provides much needed upkeep of school infrastructures, allows students to have access to the latest technology available, and provides local property tax relief for individuals, as well. However studies have shown that by extending this revenue stream beyond 2029 may not keep the tax viable enough to provide adequate funding. I would want to see some more predictions on the tax before signing off on that long of a commitment.

Would you expand or repeal Iowa’s law barring doctors from performing an abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected?

This law has yet to be enacted and is just partisan politics at its finest. If you’re going to write pro-life legislation, at least make sure it’s going to be sound law. Everyone knew this would be challenged before it left the floor, yet our acting governor still signed off on it. I don’t fault her for trying, but if she had actually been elected she would have owed it to her constituents to not sign a poorly written bill.

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Give us feedback

We value your trust and work hard to provide fair, accurate coverage. If you have found an error or omission in our reporting, tell us here.

Or if you have a story idea we should look into? Tell us here.