Bengals QB Joe Burrow and other pro athletes are buying an Iowa farm

We don’t know exactly where the farm is located … yet

I didn’t break this story, so there’s no pretending otherwise. It was first reported by Front Office Sports.

But since it involves Iowa, I feel you may want to learn about it if you haven’t already.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is among a group of two dozen professional athletes buying a 104-acre farm in northern Iowa. The location is not being released.

A spokesperson for the company facilitating the deal told KCCI-TV that the group includes Burrow, Blake Griffin of the Boston Celtics, and Khris Middleton of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The purchase came from the group’s fund of about $5 million for agricultural investments. The land is to be used to grow corn and soybeans. The athletes will lease it to farmers, with the investors seeking a single-digit-percentage annual return on the total investment.

If this is your farm, let me know. If it’s your neighbors’ farm, let me know. If you are Burrow or Griffin or Middleton, let me know.

Come on, people. Iowa’s a small state. You have to know someone who knows someone who knows the details about this.

(Note: I originally wrote the purchase of the Iowa farm was for $5 million itself. That was in error, and I regret it.)