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Next Gen. Summit returns as part of Iowa Ideas, with Zachary Mannheimer as 2018 keynote

Tickets now available: Sept. 20-21, downtown Cedar Rapids

Jan 1, 2000 at 12:01 am
    A scene from Next Gen. Summit 2017. (Photo courtesy Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance)

    The Next Gen. Summit is a high-energy, interactive experience designed for young professionals, by young professionals.

    Since 2012, individual advancement, professional enhancement and hot-button YP issues have been the focus of the Next  Gen. Summit. It has been co-produced by ImpactCR and EPIC, the area's YP groups.

    New for 2018, the Next Gen. Summit will be part of the Iowa Ideas conference, giving emerging leaders the opportunity to explore additional topics, enjoy an expanded schedule and discuss ideas with statewide leaders. 

    Attendees will participate in sessions and socials throughout Thursday, then take in the driven keynote address before jumping in to small group idea building to present at the close of the conference.

    Zachary Mannheimer will keynote the 2018 Next Gen. Summit:


    After a road-trip from NYC to 22 cities around America, Zachary Mannheimer chose Des Moines in 2007 and founded the Des Moines Social Club. DMSC has hosted over 5000 events and seen over 1,000,000 patrons. His theatrical work and DMSC has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine and Politico. In 2017, Zachary founded the Creative Placemaking department at McClure Engineering Company as their Principal Community Planner. His message for Next Gen. will include his personal journey along with perspective of life in Iowa and the benefits within.


    Tickets are now on sale. Options range from $75 to $275 (it pays to register early!). See all options at our registration page

    Scholarship and volunteer opportunities are also available — read more and apply

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    2018 Next Gen. Summit schedule: 



    • Q+A: Young professional leaders of Iowa: A look at issues impacting young professionals from across the state. Local YP chapter leaders will explore issues and possible solutions.

    • How to bring new ideas to life: It takes persuasion, bravery and grit to create something new — but the results can be both personally and professionally enriching. This session will look at the skills needed for generating, communicating and leading your new idea.

    • Luncheon with all Iowa Ideas attendees: A big-picture look at issues that will define the next 30 years. 

    • Communication skills for negotiations and collaborations: What are the benefits to having a negotiating plan? How do you negotiate and come to terms with varied perspectives or priorities? Topics of negotiation will cover group work, collaborations and individual development.

    • Beyond career success: Building a meaningful life: Hear sage advice from leaders who have made a difference in their communities, in addition to reaching the top echelons of Iowa's premiere companies. What drives them to make a difference, and how did they optimize their careers for maximum impact?

    • What we think, what we know: Life in Iowa: We all know living in a small state can come with both unique benefits and quirky challenges. This session will dig into the issues YPs care about with a light-hearted format.


    • Zachary Mannheimer, Next Gen. Summit 2018 keynote: After moving to Iowa, Zachary Mannheimer quickly became immersed in creative placemaking. He'll share his story, including the benefits of working in a city like Des Moines, and his vision for keeping all of Iowa (yes, even rural Iowa) vibrant. 

    • Workshop: Finding your voice, designing our future: Attendees will be asked to consider their own strengths in the context of larger community goals. We will reflect on everything learned during Iowa Ideas 2018 and put young professionals in the driver's seat for imagining our shared future. 

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