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  9. To have your Alexa enabled device read your daily news briefing,


This is Stephen Schmidt from the Gazette digital news desk and I am here with your morning news roundup for Wednesday, December 18th.

Somewhere between zero and freezing. That’s the temperature forecast on Wednesday for the Cedar Rapids area from the National Weather Service. The predicted high will be 23 degrees, with a low in the teens. The windchill, with a wind speed of 5-10 mph, could drop to near zero. Skies should remain sunny until clouding up Wednesday night.

It was a sad Tuesday night for fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes and college football, as legendary coach Hayden Fry passed away at the age of 90. Fry was revered by Hawkeye fans for his Texas charm, as well as his creativity and wit on and off the field. He also could win football games, reviving an Iowa program that had suffered 17 consecutive nonwinning seasons before his arrival in 1978, creating a brand new culture on his path to sharing three Big Ten titles and coaching in 14 bowl games, before his retirement in 1998.

Fry is the second winningest coach in Iowa history. Surpassed only by Kirk Ferentz, one of the many members of Fry’s staff who went on to successful careers.

The Cedar Rapids City Council on Tuesday night unanimously approved settling a lawsuit over unpaid speeding tickets from automated traffic cameras. The approval means thousands of people who had their state income taxes withheld last year to pay old automated traffic camera tickets would get refunds, while tens of thousands more unpaid tickets would be waived. This legal dispute was primarily over whether the city could levy the fines retroactively.

The city does not admit wrongdoing in the settlement. Furthermore, the city will continue the use of traffic cameras used to enforce speeding and red-light traffic violations at nine locations, including four on Interstate 380. 

In other city council news, the controversial Cargill rail yard expansion near the Rompot Neighborhood received its third and deciding vote Tuesday night. After two years of trying, Cargill has prevailed against critics from the neighborhood and received the city’s blessing to build a 12-track, 200-car rail yard-- a $6.5 million project.

After two days of jury deliberation, 30-year-old Ezekiel Phillips of Cedar Rapids was found guilty of the shooting death of Tyrice Douglas, as well as injuring his former girlfriend, Mone Dotson. Phillips faces life in prison without parole for the first-degree murder charge.