The Senate and House passed resolutions in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard(RFS) Thursday morning. The resolution calls on the national government “to renew its commitment to farmers, lower fuel prices, and the environment by supporting a robust and sustainable renewable fuel standard,” according to the Senate resolution. Gov. Terry Branstad urged lawmakers to pass a resolution in support of the RFS during his Condition of the State address earlier this week saying the federal proposal to lower the RFS could negatively impact Iowans. Lowering the RFS would “be a monumental setback to Iowa’s economy” said. Sen. Dan Zumbach, R-Delware, on the Senate floor Thursday.

Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds later applauded the Legislature's resolutions. "“I’m encouraged that the Legislature agrees that  this rule proposed by the EPA would be devastating to the agriculture and renewable fuel sector of the economy. Together, we’ll keep fighting to protect the RFS,” Branstad said in a statement.