Buxton vs. Trout: A Kernels Comparison

Twins only hope 'Buck' is as good a major leaguer as Trout

Center fielder Byron Buxton played his 64th and perhaps last game as a Cedar Rapids Kernel on Sunday.

With so much being written and said about the Minnesota Twins prospect and how his game compares to former Kernels center fielder Mike Trout, we decided to do a stat-by-stat comparison of the two. Trout, the Los Angeles Angels all-star, played the end of the 2009 season in Cedar Rapids, but these numbers are from his first 64 games of his 2010 breakout season.

Remember, both were teenagers when they played here: Buxton 19 and Trout 18. Both were leadoff hitters who hit from the right side. Both are great defensively.

What do you think? Very similar, right? With Buxton owning substantial advantages in a couple of areas.

The Twins have got to hope "Buck" is the major leaguer Trout has become. Or at least close.Oh, by the way. From what I've seen, especially after the game today, Buxton leads Trout by a wide margin in autographs signed as a Kernels player as well. Dude is getting killed. Today, he literally sat in the outfield and signed for a line that had to be organized by the Kernels.