No. 33 -- RB Greg Garmon

Despite his recent legal problem, the Iowa Hawkeyes could use former Erie (Pa.) McDowell running back Greg Garmon, shown
Despite his recent legal problem, the Iowa Hawkeyes could use former Erie (Pa.) McDowell running back Greg Garmon, shown here during a high school all-star game. (Reign of Troy photo)


Arrival: Everyone knows about Garmon's arrest late last week for simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Here is the news; here are some thoughts.

His arrival is supposed to happen this weekend or sometime this week. As of Monday, the 6-1, 200-pounder wasn't in Iowa City. Clearly, Garmon is in a position to work his way back into the circle of trust with coaches.

It is impossible to crystal ball the courts, but a simple misdemeanor isn't a hanging offense. Without benefit of the knowledge of how this case might be adjudicated, Garmon likely will still be on scholarship. Again, if this is a simple misdemeanor against, it probably won't keep Garmon out of Iowa. An OWI arrest is a serious misdemeanor and players have lived through those.

When he does arrive, however, he is likely looking at a suspension of one to three games. A message has to be sent, but ties don't need to be cut.

Certainly, this bears watching. Iowa's camp opens in just more than 50 days.

2012 Takeoff: Let's keep this segment on football.

Garmon received a ton of offers. The Erie Times-News reported that he heard from 40 schools. He ranked as The Sporting News' No. 93 player in the country.

Now, not all of Garmon's conversations with schools were about the running back position, which was a big deal for him. His final two choices were Iowa and Miami (Fla.), which offered him as a defensive back.

“I’ll definitely be a running back there,” Garmon said.

Garmon rushed for 2,859 yards and 27 touchdowns in three varsity seasons at Erie McDowell High School. He was named all-state for the second time following the 2011 season after rushing for 1,050 yards and nine touchdowns. Garmon helped the McDowell to back-to-back WPIAL playoff appearances in 2010 and 2011. He also led McDowell to its first-ever WPIAL playoff victory in November when the Trojans beat McKeesport 42-7.

“Garmon is a little bit of a change of pace,” said Josh Helmholdt, Midwest recruiting analyst. “He’s listed as a bigger kid, but I thought he was more of a sprint-type running back, more of a guy who lines up next to the quarterback in the shotgun. You can flex him out in the slot, too. He almost looks like a wide receiver, because he’s a little bit tall and lanky.”

Garmon sees himself as a running back and running back only.

“I’ll definitely be a running back there,” Garmon said.[Here's a lengthy feature on Garmon from MaxPreps' Mitch Stephens. Garmon's backstory is amazing.]