Did Tyler Sash put the Giants in the Super Bowl?

Tyler Sash punishing a dummy (AP photo)
Tyler Sash punishing a dummy (AP photo)

According to, New York Giants rookie safety Tyler Sash of Iowa suffered a concussion during the Giants' 20-17 NFC championship game victory over the San Francisco 49ers Sunday. (See the third item in this story)

But he apparently gave better than he got.

Sash's injury in the fourth quarter came long after he had impacted the game in favor of the winning Giants, according to this ESPN New York story. It says a hit Sash put on San Francisco 49ers punt-returner Kyle Williams ... well, here's the passage that explains:

Williams muffed a punt in the third quarter to set up a Giants touchdown, and was stripped of the ball on a punt-return in overtime to give New York the field position to kick the game-winning field goal.

This pro football stuff, it's not for the meek.