Rick Kaczenski: Nebraska is my first name-brand

Rick Kaczenski
Rick Kaczenski

Rick Kaczenski gave a 14-minute interview Thursday night to Jeff Culhane on the Husker Sports Network's "Sports Nightly."

The five-year Iowa defensive line coach talked about leaving Iowa to join the Nebraska staff of Bo Pelini's this week. Most of the interview was pretty tame stuff. Like:

"I've been fortunate in my young career to be surrounded by some great people and work with some great people."

And: "Coach (Lou) Holtz, Coach (Kirk Ferentz) -- they've been great mentors and great people." Kaczenski played for Holtz at Notre Dame and was a graduate assistant on Holtz's South Carolina staff.

But this is the quote that has had a lot of Hawkeye fans fuming today:

"It obviously helps when you walk into those high schools and you have the 'N' on your chest. I'm looking forward to that. That'll be the first time in my career you're walking into high schools with a name-brand on your chest. I'm very excited about that."

So, how do you people interpret that?To listen to that interview in its entirety, click here.