Cy-Hawk, the e-mails . . .


In just a couple hours, the Faceboook group "HATE THE NEW CY-HAWK TROPHY" gained 236 followers.

In five months, the "On Iowa" Facebook page has picked up 429 followers.

I blame Dochterman. I don't know how, but I just know it's his fault we don't have 1 million followers.

Kidding, kidding.

Necessity is not the mother of invention. It's hate.

And that is the universal reaction to the New Cy-Hawk. New Coke enjoyed a smoother introduction.

Here's a poll from WHO-TV out of Des Moines. Note the choices -- Love it, Better than the Old One and Hate it.

At 5:30 this afternoon, "Hate It!" was leading the poll with 95 percent. Love it and Better were deadlocked at 2 percent apiece.

5:35 update: The HATE THE NEW CY-HAWK Facebook is now up to 258.

My compadre Mike Hlas has sampled some of the "best of Twitter" on the NCH. Here's that link.

I promised a forum for some of your e-mails. Here you go:


From Bill Seitz:

First, love the blog and Gazette sports staff. It keeps me connected to Iowa sports down here in ACC/SEC territory. Second, I never thought Iíd write to a journalist about something; gulp, until I saw the picture of the new Cy-Hawk trophy.

Every reaction Iíve read on the interwebs has been negative to it. People love your blog. Please bring some attention to the utter disaster that is this trophy. A poll perhaps? Something to show the distaste of the massesÖ.rabble, rabble, rabble [/grabs pitchfork and marches on Iowa].

The heroes game made me shudder, this trophy made me cry.

Me: Yes, the trophy caught my attention. I think I've been put in charge of torches. Anyway, castle storming, noon Saturday. See you there!


From long-time e-mailer Eric:

New Cy-Hawk trophy turns out to be an homage to the last piece of crap.

What the heck? That thing is "laugh out loud" foolish.


I only want to know what the other 'designs' looked like.

Although, it's the perfect design for a game designed to last about another 4, maybe, 7 years.

Me: I'm pouring a 40 on the curb for Old Cy-Hawk. Rest in peace, you beautiful, rickety bastard.


From Todd Brommelkamp, one of the hosts of the Balbinot and Brommelkamp Show on 1600 KGYM in Cedar Rapids:

Itís a [BLEEEEEEEEPING] catastrophe

Hey, you said you wanted thoughts Ö



From Marcus Branstad, one of my good Twitter friends:

Is there still time to melt down the new Cy-Hawk trophy, give the scrap metal money to charity, and just play for...I donít know...Honor? Iowa probably wonít even be playing Iowa State once the Big Ten goes to nine games.

Me: I'm with you, but here's the tweet that matters the most: "We think it is a good trophy and we are proud of it. Worked with ISU and U of I the whole way." That's from Iowa Corn's Twitter feed. Iowa Corn is the new sponsor of the Cy-Hawk series. Iowa and ISU cashed the check and will say they're happy with the trophy. Key phrase, "cashed the check."

The Big Ten remains stubborn with "Legends and Leaders." I think NCH will be with us for quite some time.


From Michael Graham, one of the contributors to the smartest beer blog in the world "Brewmaniacs":

The statements in the press release from Iowa Corn have nothing to do with the football or institutional rivalry between Iowa and Iowa State. The trophy doesn't have anything to do with a football game or speak to the history of the games before now. As ugly as the old trophy was, at least it had a *bleeping* football on it! This is a fine work of art, I guess, but it's not an appropriate trophy for a football game.

The release says that this is a reflection of Iowans as "caring, trustworthy, committed, and compassionate, stewards, mentors and educators." That's great, but it has ZERO to do with the football game. Football isn't a compassionate sport, it has no business being involved in this trophy.

Me: Shouldn't you be reviewing a beer on the smartest beer blog in the world, Brewmaniacs?


From Jennifer Peterson, who bought something in the Hawk Auction, an online auction held here that raised more than $1,700 for Camp Courageous. (Throwing that out there to maybe take some heat off a tweet I posted earlier today about a story I wrote that didn't make it into the newspaper):

If the corn people were going for corny, they totally nailed it. It's boring & it doesn't look like something football players should care about winning.

Me: Precious Moments and Treasure Box figurines are going to make a killing in Iowa this Christmas.


From Tyler Cavanaugh, another good Twitter friend:

Besides the trophy being ugly, I agree with you that it does nothing to recognize the players who have played the game. The trophy does nothing to even recognize the game of football.

Me: This will be the trophy given out at the next "Great Moments in Corporate Communications" seminar. In that regard, it's a success.


From Jeff Winfield, a friend from Facebook:

A disaster! This makes the Heroes game and Legends and Leaders sound like good ideas!

Me: That sound you hear is the tearing up of the designs for the Heroes Game trophy. The theme already is non-football, so expect the trophy to be non-football. Cost of doing business in big-time college sports. It's a cold, hard reality, especially for a program like Iowa.


From e-mail friend, Michael Bland, who let me in on the fact that there is an I-Club in New Mexico:

Oh my god!!!

This has got to be the worst thing ever!!!!!

Forget for just one second that it has nothing to do with football at all,†but everywhere I go while proudly wearing my Black n gold folks say "There are black folks in Iowa?" This horrid one-sided look at us IOWANS, just now gives more fuel to the fire.

That all Iowans are all white and farmers and 100 years behind the times.

I love Iowans some of my best friends live in Milton, Iowa, but Lord, Des Moines is a major city and very high tech one at that.

Do we really need to display who we were in 1911 to a 2011 world??

Thank god the game is early in the season.†Maybe we can give the trophy to the local chapters of the 4H clubs in small towns.

Me: We are corn, we are farmers. We can't change who we are. Players play this game. Maybe try to put a little focus on them rather than using this as, essentially, a piece of corporate communication. Not fair to the players and not fair to Iowa.


From Urbandale resident and e-mailer Rob Voss:

If I want to see a Lladro collection, I can go to my Grandmaís china cabinet. This trophy should come with a Harlequin Romance novel to all that come into contact with it.


Me: Googling Lladro. Oh yeah, definitely. Totally Lladro.


Here's Patrick Ward, another voice from Urbandale:

Instead of storming the sidelines to grab the trophy after winning the game, the team should just walk off the field and leave it.

Or better yet, storm the loser's sidelines and MAKE them take it home

Me: Better yet, let the ADs storm the trophy.


Almost forgot, Drew Robertson (@Drew193 on Twitter) tweeted me some designs he came up with. Here's the pic:

At first glance, the corn stalk looks sort of hokey, but think about the possibilities.

A 6-foot bronzed replica of a corn stalk? That has Paul Bunyan Axe possibilities. A large, heavy trophy that large, heavy men can hoist to the sky and share with fans. Maybe stick a geode at the base. OK, I'm getting goofy now, but you get the idea.

Here's what NCH says, "PLEASE DON'T BREAK MY LLADRO!!!"


Here's one from Jeff Wichman, who once dropped off a ton of beer for me to sample when he traveled from his home in Virginia to his home state to pedal Iowa during "AGBRAI."

The new trophy is a monument to overthinking something and trying to get too "creative". The simple solution? Use a solid metal or granite block that shows actual state of Iowa on each side (so that it is reversible when you turn it). After all, what is this series about if not state bragging rights? Allow UI and ISU to emblazon each side of the trophy to its liking: Herky and Tiger Hawk on the UI side, and Cy on the ISU side. Leave room on a large wooden base to add some cornstalks (to appease the Iowa Corn folks) add a football and a player or two and you're done. No fan complaints because it actually looks like what it should be: a trophy.

Me: Going back to the big, bronze cornstalk. Maybe do a totem down the stalk that salutes the central figures and times in the rivalry or the football histories of the schools. That might be too ornate, but it would at least recognize the people who make this rivalry vital -- the players.


OK, this swallowed my entire day.

6:17 update: The Hate the NCH Facebook is now up to 296.

6:18 update: On Iowa now up to 430 followers. Hey, Scott! We got one!!Blot out the trophy and focus on the game. Or at least try to. I hear they have beer at tailgates.

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