Women face drug charges after friend eats pot brownies, calls 911

Alexis C. Riley (left), and Tearra N. Thomas (right)
Alexis C. Riley (left), and Tearra N. Thomas (right)

IOWA CITY — Two Iowa City teenagers were charged with possession of marijuana after their roommate called 911 because her heart was racing after eating pot brownies, police reported.

Tearra N. Thomas, 19, of 13 Pentire Cir., and Alexis C. Riley, 18, of 19 Pentire Cir. were charged with possession of a controlled substance just before 10 p.m. Wednesday at 13 Pentire Cir.

Alicia Hatch called 911 to report that she “ate brownies with cannabis and now has her heart racing,” police reported. There were nine other people at the house with Hatch when she called 911, Sgt. Denise Brotherton said.

When officers arrived, medical personnel were assisting a young woman in the entry, the criminal complaint states. The woman said she had eaten brownies made with marijuana.

Riley, who police said was Hatch’s roommate, said she had also eaten some of the brownies “but was feeling fine.” Thomas, also listed as Hatch’s roommate, told police she had brought the brownies to Iowa City from Illinois knowing they contained marijuana. She said she had also eaten some of the brownies.

“Officers located and seized the remains of approximately two, 2×2 inch brownies that contained the marijuana,” police reported.

Iowa City Police Sgt. Denise Brotherton said she did not know why Riley and Thomas were listed at different addresses, yet both were said to be Hatch’s roommates.

Riley and Thomas have been released from the Johnson County jail on recognizance.