Sporting News' Russ Lande: Ricky Stanzi "simply lacks athletic skills and accuracy"

Ricky Stanzi (AP photo)
Ricky Stanzi (AP photo)

Iowa's Ricky Stanzi will probably have one of the 96 quarterback jobs in the 2011 NFL season. If there's an NFL season. Which there will be, though it may be a shortened version.

However, that doesn't mean Everybody Loves Ricky.

Russ Lande of The Sporting News was pretty blunt about how he viewed Stanzi's performance Sunday at the NFL Combine. In this article with Lande's assessment of how quarterbacks, receivers and running backs performed in Indianapolis Sunday, he wrote:

After (Cam) Newton sailed passes high, Stanzi stepped up and threw passes into the ground in front of his receivers. Stanzi had a poor week at the Senior Bowl and was equally unimpressive Sunday. He simply lacks athletic skills and accuracy.

Lande wasn't too high on Wisconsin RB John Clay, either, saying Clay was "outclassed by his peers."

Adam Caplan of watched all of the 16 quarterbacks who threw passes at the Combine on Sunday. Missouri's Blaine Gabbert opted not to throw Sunday.

Caplan ranked Stanzi 13th, saying the following in this article:

Stanziís performance was disappointing from an overall standpoint because he tended to aim the ball on many of his throws. He didnít look like a natural thrower, which is a little bit of a surprise. He had better touch on his shorter passes. But Iíll say this about him: He looks much better on tape. He also performed much better during Senior Bowl-week practices.

Stanzi didn't play too badly in the Senior Bowl itself, either.

Alfie Crow of Jacksonville Jaguars blog (love the names, both "bigcatcountry" and "Alfie Crow") agreed with Caplan about Stanzi's performance on Sunday. Crow wrote:

Stanzi was rather disappointing in his passing drills. I'm not even going to mention his abysmal 40-yard dash time, because he was never seen as a quarterback who'd beat you with his legs. Passing however, has been his strong point. Stanzi seemed to aim his passes in the drills rather than anticipate where the receiver was going.

Something called followed the same theme in this story. An excerpt:

NFL Scout and Xtra Point Football's Jayson Braddock said it best when he told me that Stanzi looked "like he couldn't hit a barn" on Sunday. Known for his football IQ and his accuracy during games, it's hard to predict how much of an impact Stanzi's performance at the Combine will have on his stock, but it didnít help him.

For a slant that understandably is Stanzi-friendly, here's a piece by Jeff Schudel of the News-Herald in northern Ohio, from where Stanzi grew up. A video is included.Finally, this Boston Herald Combine notebook by Ian Rapoport opens with Stanzi talking about working in California with quarterback guru Tom Martinez, who mentors New England Patriots' QB Tom Brady.