A terrific photo of Kinnick Stadium from the Penn State-Iowa game can be yours

I'm partial. Brian Ray of SourceMedia Group News (formerly the Gazette Company) is as good a sports photographer as I've worked with in my career, and I've worked with some good ones. Jim Slosiarek, Liz Martin and Cliff Jette of SourceMedia are pretty darn good at shooting sports, themselves.

The four of them have established themselves in Eastern Iowa as truly excellent photojournalists, period.

I've been asked to plug a photo Brian took of the black-and-gold stripes at Kinnick Stadium last Saturday night. SourceMedia is selling it at various sizes, at four different sizes, at this site.

The photo I've shown here is a smaller version of what you can have big-as-life (well, almost). I never have used this blog to be ahuckster, but I think some of you may be interested in this so I'm sharing this. The prices certainly don't seem unreasonable for such an item.