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Hlastradamus: Crystal ball sees covers for Hawkeyes, Cyclones

Hlastradamus loves holidays.

The prophet was celebrating the Fourth of July hundreds of years before America was discovered (with people already living here). He celebrated Lincoln's birthday the day Lincoln was born, because Abe was such a ... »

Hlas: Hawkeyes’ 12th hurdle could be their highest

The tension in Nebraska's Memorial Stadium Friday could be so thick that you could cut it with a - stop right there.

This is no time for cliches. We're in uncharted territory here for Iowa's football team, and old, corny slogans won't cut i ... »

Hlas Podcast: Sports Illustrated's Albert Chen

Sports Illustrated's Albert Chen, who wrote the story on the Iowa football team for this week's issue that has the Hawkeyes on the cover, joins the Mike Hlas Podcast.

Chen talks about his experience writin ... »

Hawkeye Confidential: Iowa's last unbeaten football team

The last time Iowa's football team went through a regular-season without a loss was 1922. My math says that was a long time ago.

Even with the resources at our fingertips now like Google, The Weather Channel, and Paul Finebaum, it's still diffic ... »

Fun Facts: Iowa-Nebraska, Git-R-Done Edition

Hey everybody, have you heard Iowa's football team is 11-0?

That means the Iowa-Nebraska regular-season finale is important. But fun. But more important. But still fun. Fun enough for ... wait for it ... Fun Facts!

1. This will ... »

Hlas: Hawkeyes add an opponent: SI cover jinx

IOWA CITY - People who believe in jinxes are, as a rule, saps and suckers.

They're more vulnerable to schemes and scams. They willingly swallow every conspiracy theory, but are deeply suspicious of those distasteful things called facts.

... »
Hlas Podcast: Tom Shatel of Omaha World-Herald

Finally, Omaha World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel writes, Iowa-Nebraska has a chance to be a legitimate football ... »

Hey Hawkeyes, most 11-0 teams get to 12-0

All right, Iowa, you're 11-0 in football. That's new stuff. How do teams handle being 11-0?

Well, of the 12 FBS teams this decade that took 11-0 records into their final regular-season games, 10 were winners. One of the two losers was beate ... »

Hlas: Pollard had little choice but to fire Rhoads

You're either selling hope or recent success in college football. If you have neither, you have problems.

Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard did what he had to do Sunday morning when he fired Paul Rhoads as his football coach. Pollard ha ... »

B1G Numbers: Hawkeyes, Clemson last of the unbeaten

The Big Ten got stood on its ear Saturday.

Everyone who had both Michigan State winning at Ohio State and Northwestern prevailing at Wisconsin, take a step forward.

Now, everyone else tackle them. Because they're big fibbers.

Tha ... »

Colin Cowherd: Hawkeyes will lose at Nebraska

I'm officially the guy who gets cheap heat on the back of someone else.

OK, maybe I should have worded that differently. But there's no tim ... »

Video: Hawkeye wrestlers head to Kinnick Stadium mat

Watch Iowa's wrestling team make its measured march from its makeshift Kinnick Stadium dressing room to the stadium field at Saturday's Grapple on the Gridiron.

Colin Cowherd vs. Kirk Ferentz, Hulk Hogan vs. Rocky

It's the Herd against the Swarm.

Before you get bent out of shape about this post, Iowa fans, I encourage you to remember an Elton John alb ... »