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Hlas: Free throws are free money for Peter Jok

IOWA CITY - Someday soon, robots will rule the world.

Indiana's men's basketball team must have felt like one was owning them Tuesday night in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Peter Jok's machine-like free throw-shooting devastated the Hoosiers. He made 22 ... »

Right now, NIT is hard for Hawkeyes to reach

No one clamors for NIT bracketology. Anywhere. Ever.

For a lot of teams, the NIT is a letdown. It's filler programming for ESPN on nights without NCAA tourney games. No one other than the participants remember anything about it. Quick, who won l ... »

Hlas: Hawkeyes air late-season episode of 'Growing Pains'

IOWA CITY - Show me that smile again (Show me that smile)

Don't waste another minute on your cryin'

We're ... »

Hlas: It’s Coach Marvin McNutt now

CEDAR RAPIDS - Watching the Cedar Rapids Titans practice in the U.S. Cellular Center Wednesday night, you half-expected Marvin McNutt to don a helmet and pads, run some routes, and say "This is how it's done."

At 27, McNutt still looks every bit ... »

Hlas: Hawkeyes' 1980 team unites again Saturday, for Kenny Arnold

Blackouts. Be bold, wear gold. Stripe the stadium. One color-coordinated day for fans at an Iowa Hawkeyes football or basketball game blurs into another.

Well, not all. The next one will tower above the rest. It's a whiteout for people attending ... »

Hlas: Big Ten 2017 basketball has gone flat

For a while, I thought it was just me.

I'd been so focused on dedicating my Grammy acceptance speech to Beyonce that I haven't found Big Ten men's basketball all that compelling.

But for once, it's not a "me" problem. The conference's ho ... »

Hlas: Cyclones’ Monte Morris passes and surpasses

AMES - How can you win in a men's basketball conference as strong as the Big 12 when you get out-rebounded by 10 a game?

Your margin-of-error obviously is tiny. Which is where senior point guard Monte Morris stands tall for Iowa State.

M ... »

Hlas: In 1967, Jefferson’s stars were aligned

Fifty years ago can be difficult to describe to those who weren't alive then, especially kids.

You couldn't watch movies on your phone? Phones had their own booths in public places? And so on.

It's hard enough just to explain what the hi ... »

Georges Niang joins Jarrod Uthoff and Adam Woodbury in Fort Wayne

Ah, the vagaries of fate.

Once, Georges Niang was a rival of Jarrod Uthoff and Adam Woodbury. Niang played for Iowa State, Uthoff and Woodbury for Iowa.

They went in three separate directions after last season, when each was a senior who ... »

Hlas: Kurt Warner’s story reaches fitting home: Canton

Of course Kurt Warner is a Pro Football Hall of Famer.

This was always a "when," not an "if." You can't tell the complete history of the NFL without citing all of its best stories, and Warner's certainly is one of them.

The football fair ... »

Hawkeye’s hot hand burns shoe-holding Husker
IOWA CITY - Basketball is an international game, but holding one of your shoes while playing defense isn't a method of success in any nation. Nebrask ... »