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Iowa automatically receiving the ball after winning the toss is a thing of the past

Welcome to the Good Timey Radio Hour. This will be a stream-of-consciousness run from the Hawk Talk with Kirk Ferentz show, hosted by Iowa play-by-play voice Gary Dolphin. This year, the show is broadcast from Applebee’s in Iowa City. Forever it had been and I think Dolph said will be again broadcast from Carlos O’Kelly’s, which is undergoing an extensive makeover/rebuild/construction.

Dolph has interrupted himself twice when he started to say Carlos O’Kelly’s. Easy mistake to make.

Shoot, hey remind me to put together a fantasy football lineup sometime tomorrow. I’m the reigning champion of the ZZFL. I’ve got a trophy and everything.

— PW in Burlington is taking advantage of the miracle that is telecommunications. He wants to know how long the Cy-Hawk football game contract runs for.

It’s 2021. Here’s a link: Iowa-ISU rolling through 2021. Dolph mentioned that he believes the only thing that could end the series is conference realignment. He’s right. A 10-game Big Ten schedule would do it. The collapse of the Big 12 would do it. I don’t expect that to happen, BTW ... but ... if it did, it wouldn’t be until the grant of rights (TV stuff) is up in, I think, 2025.

— Jim is in Indiana. I think he’s a trucker. I think they’re all truckers.

Jim is cool with KF contract extension.

— KF should be in the house after the break.

I gotta tell you, sounds kinda quiet there. This show could use the ghost of Sid Vicious.

KF isn’t Sid Vicious, but I’m sure at some point in his life he had a mohawk.

— George in Davenport, the home of Daytrotter!

Wants to know where the Hayden statue is. It’s at the Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and that’s just off the 1st Avenue exit. Dolph knew.


— Craig in Cedar Rapids is in the house or phone. (Craig and I aren’t related. We just share a town.)

Contract talk. Dolph and KF joked about still being around in 2026.

Hey, UW AD Barry Alvarez signed a five-year contract extension today. The Fry tree is a money tree (KF, Barry, Bob Stoops, Bill Snyder).

KF votes for winter to be two weeks shorter. I say invest in a nice down jacket, my man.

— Remember there was uproar when the Johnson County I-Club breakfast got scratched because Iowa’s practices went to mornings? I don’t, either.

— Ol’ Dave from Bettendorf. He sounds like he’d be a really cool grandpa.

Credits Ron Coluzzi. I thought he was good, too.

Ryan Boyle question. He didn’t play Saturday. Asks about Ronald Nash. He caught a pass in six snaps, his only target. KF said he’s one of Iowa’s most improved players. He’s a sophomore from Sioux City and is a walk-on.

KF calls Coluzzi “The Stabilizer.” I like it. I eagerly await this series on Netflix.

Dolph brings up kicker Keith Duncan. He’s actually born and mostly raised in Texas, you guys. His family moved to North Carolina before high school.

KF would like to see him get up to 161 pounds. I think he was kidding. Duncan’s mom was a soccer player at Baylor.

— Anthony in Des Moines. Sounds like he’s holding his nose.

Asks about 1985 ISU-Iowa. Rob Houghtlin tripping and falling on a kickoff. Wow. Anthony has a tremendous memory. The only oddity I remember anymore is Ron Hawley and the Michigan State goal post.


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I asked KF this week about protocol for when Iowa faces a new staff, like how far they go back in the film.

“Typically you just go back a year, look at what the team did a year ago. Sometimes you have to go searching a little bit, that type of thing.

“Probably the best comparison I could give you on this case would be if you want to look at a comparable when Gary Andersen went to Wisconsin. You look at the Utah State film, those guys were with him there, and boy, they were a really well-coached football team.

“What we saw Utah State did, they did it very well at Wisconsin. Not exactly the same schemes, but the way they played was very similar as what they did at Utah State. I think that’s kind of what you do, look at the past season.”

Dolph asks about ISU’s defense, a 4-2-5. KF said Iowa’s personnel will probably have ISU putting three LBs on the field (heavy personnel).

— Mike in Dubuque.

He’s got three players he’s asking about. Levi Paulsen: Known more for his defense in high school. Nathan Stanley is a QB and asks about Drew Cook going to TE. And then asks about Toks Akinribade.

KF on LP: He’s an OL. Doing a good job and smart.

KF on Cook: Talked TE four or five years ago. Not saying it couldn’t happen down the road, but that question hasn’t come up, not yet and not right now. Week-by-week at QB. Never know how things will look six months down the road.

On Toks: Impressed since day 1. Was good in camp scrimmages.

More Stanley: Based on what they’ve seen on him in practice. Good chance to evaluate and put in different situations. Based on those evals, KF said he won the No. 2 spot.


“This is the last time I’m going to beg for phonecalls,” Dolph.

Invites KF to the bar.

— Jerry from Waukee asks about OL and TEs.


Screwup alert. KF said he read something somewhere that said Iowa played only six true freshmen on Saturday. It was 10. Someone screwed up.

[Looks around.]

[Hopes it’s not me.]

— OLB Ben Niemann was excellent Saturday. He missed a series, but returned. KF said he was one of the “touch and go” guys from last week. Niemann missed a lot of time in camp with a hamstring injury. Iowa is being watchful, but KF said he’ll play.

Other injury news: DE Parker Hesse (looked like a hamstring) is “farthest away” injury-wise. Might play some, but sounds like he won’t be full go and might not go at all. WR Jay Scheel has practiced and could play.

— Drew from CR. He likes Josey Jewell. There’s a lot to like.

BTW, Jewell spent the rest of the game after his ejection watching the game on TV. KF said he was like a “caged lion” when the team returned to the locker room after the game.

— On Greg Mabin: KF said he missed time in camp and is a little bit in catch-up mode.

Said the passes going Mabin’s way are part of football (it was 11 last week). Pass defense is a team thing, KF said. Disruption is key, can’t cover forever.

— Rando from audience asks why KF defetrred after winning the toss last week.

KF was kind of dumbfounded because he hasn’t been asked.

“It’s New Kirk,” he said.

Iowa usually takes the ball, but decided during the week to defer. It’ll be a week-to-week thing, so it sounds like the automatic decision to receive after winning the toss is a thing of the past.

KF thanked the guy for bringing it up. Dolph offered to buy him a glass of water.

And that’s it. On to John from Cincinnati.

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Give us feedback

We value your trust and work hard to provide fair, accurate coverage. If you have found an error or omission in our reporting, tell us here.

Or if you have a story idea we should look into? Tell us here.