Letter: Why does Iowa need an energy plan?

Fred Hubler

Just as the case for wind and solar energy is collapsing around the world, the state of Iowa is in the process of developing an Iowa Energy Plan.

How did Iowa ever get along without an energy plan until now? Iowa has not seen blackouts, brownouts or gas lines, but now that the government is involved in promoting ethanol as an alternative fuel, the state has increasing water quality problems even though the population of Iowa has been fairly stable for several decades.

The provincialism expressed at the Iowa Energy Plan public forum was appalling. The main selling point of the plan, judging by comments at the forum, and reporting in The Gazette, seems to be that we can create thousands of great paying jobs, and get free wind and solar energy. Where is the money to pay these great wages to come from, and why is it that electricity rates are rising fastest in areas most dependent on wind and solar energy despite the massive federal subsidies they receive? We could just as well forbid the importation of Bobcat backhoes and skid steer loaders from North Dakota and require Iowans to buy from John Deere. This reminds me of the adage that there is no greater waste of time than trying to make something efficient that we shouldn’t be doing at all. The best way to create jobs in Iowa would be to reduce taxes and energy costs.

Fred Hubler

Cedar Rapids

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