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The medical advantages of music

We all have favorite songs but did you know music has medical advantages?

Music Therapy is an evidence-based practice using individualized music interventions to help children improve their physical, cognitive, social, behavior and communication skills.

At Tanager Place, Amber Cook and I are board certified music therapists who work with children and families as they navigate the complex world of mental and behavioral health treatment for children. You’ll find caring, compassionate professionals dedicated to excellence and evidence-based solutions. Music therapy is one option for healing.

Benefits of this therapy include improved motivation, mood, motor coordination, cognitive functioning and self-expression. This healing practice decreases anxiety and helps with focus and attention. Your child with Autism, depression, developmental delays or mental illness may benefit. Scientifically documented improvements in neurological disorders, sensory and cognitive impairments abound. Music therapy provides emotionally and behaviorally challenged children insight into feelings and conflicts too threatening to face directly. Through music therapy children are able to use the power of the creative process as a vehicle for communication, coping, self-development, and most importantly, healing.

Children at Tanager Place participate in active music making, songwriting and lyric analysis, and singing and performing as part of holistic therapy. A girl’s heart is soothed and healed through the creative process, selecting or writing songs that are meaningful, and establishing a playlist of music that represents her feelings at any moment in time. A boy’s anger, inability to concentrate or feelings of inadequacy are mitigated through percussion or performing in a makeshift band. A toddler’s developmental delays are stimulated through beat, tempo and improvisation.

You may have a Music Therapy story of your own. Tanager Place would like to hear stories of music therapy improving your life or that of your loved one. Tanager Place advocates for insurance to cover this vital therapy option and your story will help in this effort. Please share by sending your one page summary to the address below. You’ll make a difference. In the meantime, all music therapy sessions at Tanager Place are supported by people like you, donors. You make it possible. Thank you.

• Carly Ramthun is a nurologic music therapist for Tanager Place.



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