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Imagine how much money we could save

Tim Gull, Supervisor candidate
Tim Gull, Supervisor candidate

No matter what political party you favor, you cannot justify paying five Linn County Supervisors $2.7 million and benefits for one term of service — a quote for which I received an “A” rating by The Gazette fact checker.

My name is Tim Gull. I am running for Linn County Supervisor in District 3 (NE side of Cedar Rapids). I have two specific, achievable goals:

1) Reduce tax payer overhead by a million dollars — If you mark on the ballot in the November presidential election and vote to reduce the Linn County Board of Supervisors from five members to three, you will save $1 million in payroll burden. My pledge to you. If we can save a million dollars without setting foot in office, imagine how much we can save if you vote Gull for Supervisor and put me in office.

2) Completion of Tower Terrace Road — Tower Terrace Road would be a fast, efficient route from I-380 to Marion. Completion would create upward of a 1,000 jobs. It also will decrease traffic on currently stressed roads that will make it safer for our fellow residents. Tower Terrace Road could be completed with a hybrid of state, private and public funding supplemented with a bond issue.

What qualifies me to by your next Linn County Supervisor?

I have been involved with a family farm for 54 years, operating, maintaining, repairing heavy equipment, implementing sound conservation practices, weed identification, animal husbandry and wildlife management. I have a BA from the University of Northern Iowa. I am a retired former U.S. Army/Army National Guard Infantry Officer. I worked in transportation maintenance, served as a Battalion Personal Officer and Battalion Logistics Officer.

I have owned Metro Transmission for nearly 25 years and have been listed in the Iowa Manufacturing register for most of that time.

None of the current supervisors have ever served in the military, owned a business, or ever had to create a product or service that employs people in order to meet a payroll. This is clearly evident in their past, misguided decisions.


I believe in fiscal responsibility. Capitalism creates jobs. Competition raises salaries and better working conditions. When people are employed, a well managed tax base can build infrastructure, support economic development which leads to better health, parks, trails and recreation activities.

Lastly, I support:

• Term limits for elected officials

• The County Compensation Board should be appointed by the Linn County voters and not the Supervisors.

Government is best when it governs the least. Vote 5 to 3. Vote Gull for Supervisor. Save the taxpayers a million dollars in payroll burden.


Tim Gull

• More information: (319) 360-8778;



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