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Hi, I'm Marc Morehouse. I've covered sports for more than 15 years, mostly in Eastern Iowa. I've had Hayden Fry call me "Mike." I've had Chad Greenway call me "Mr." And Kirk Ferentz will occasionally call me "bleep." (Kidding, kidding.) I have fun with the blog. I've made some great connections with a few readers and hope to continue that. Ultimately, I want to know what you want to know. Thanks for reading.





Hesse’s rise from 2-star to Big Ten freshman of the week

LINCOLN, Neb. - Here's part of the reason why Iowa recruited Parker Hesse: He finished his senior season at Waukon High School with 59 tackles, 10 tackles for loss and two interceptions. On offense, Hesse quarterbacked Waukon to a runner-up finis ... »

Dantonio adopted, to a certain extent, the Iowa/Ferentz template

IOWA CITY - Mark Dantonio was born in El Paso, Texas, and played defensive back at South Carolina in the late 1970s. Those are the outliers on a resume that is midwestern to the bone.

Dantonio's first job as an assistant was at Akron in 1985. He ... »

Hawkeyes are in it to win it

LINCOLN, Neb., - When the Hawkeyes landed at 12-0 at Memorial Stadium on Friday afternoon, yes, it was giant sparkly moment.

#x201c;I don't know if anybody expected 12-0,#x201d; quarterback C.J. Beathard said. #x201c;We knew we had a good t ... »

Hesse’s pick six hushes the Huskers

LINCOLN, Neb., - The call was a #x201c;rebel.#x201d; Safety Miles Taylor blitzed through the B gap and middle linebacker Josey Jewell blew through the A.

That's what Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong saw. He saw Taylor's arms and No. 19 ... »

Video: Ferentz on win over Nebraska, unbeaten regular season

Watch Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz speak to the media following the Hawkeyes' 28-20 win over Nebraska.

The victory completed Iowa's first perfect regular season since 1922.

... »

No. 4 Iowa 28, Nebraska 20

LINCOLN, Neb. - They did the swarm to the big red #x201c;N#x201d; in the middle of the field. They took a right turn and ran into the south end zone and lifted the Heroes Trophy. Then, they took another right and ran to the southwest corner of Me ... »

The Walk Through: It’s Friday, I’m in love

Rumor popped up late last night (maybe 10:30) that Iowa CB Desmond King is suspended for the first quarter because of a team violation.

According to a source, this is true. He was late for a meeting and this is the consequence.

So, Io ... »

Cole Fisher, engineering major and linebacker

The kind of happy Cole Fisher was that September day at Kinnick Stadium when he took off his helmet and saw his mom and dad, and everyone cheered and smiled and, oh boy, getting kind of dusty in here - you can't patent that.

It wasn't a mom ... »

3 and Out

1. Beardos - Facial hair is a rite of passage for the young college fella. The 2015 Iowa Hawkeyes are no different. This team is a veritable collage of beards, goatees and beardlike things.

Even senior ce ... »

2-Minute Drill: Nebraska Cornhuskers


Wisconsin, Northwestern and the run defense Nebraska will throw in front of the Hawkeyes this week will be the Iowa offensive line's biggest tests of the season. Although, if you ask I ... »

Dantonio adopted, to a certain extent, the Iowa/Ferentz template

IOWA CITY - Mark Dantonio was born in El Paso, Texas, and played defensive back at South Carolina in the late 1970s. Those are the outliers ... »

Black Friday results will frame the Hawkeyes’ year

IOWA CITY - This really just boils down to the plot of #x201c;Top Gun.#x201d;

On one side, you have the Red Menace. Literally. On the ... »

Iowa tight ends parachute into the highlights

IOWA CITY - George Kittle said he just happened to fall out of a plane. The topic was his 35-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter o ... »

Iowa’s defense locked into ‘suck it up’ mode

IOWA CITY - The question went Kirk Ferentz's way on Tuesday. At that point in time, the Iowa Hawkeyes had exactly 10 days left in their seas ... »

Hawkeye seniors laid the bricks for 10-0 turnaround

IOWA CITY - On Monday night, Iowa's seniors got together for their pretty much weekly meeting and talked about what kind of message they wan ... »

How LeShun Daniels became a running back and a Hawkeye

IOWA CITY - So, now Mocha Daniels has a scholarship offer from Iowa. That's LeShun and James Daniels' family dog. They have a little brother ... »

It’s all in the hip for Beathard

IOWA CITY - It started out as a simple quarterback sneak there in the fourth quarter. Iowa is 100 percent in QB sneaks this season, reaching every ... »

Iowa fans climb into Herby’s head

IOWA CITY - Iowa has a chance, a very good chance, to win a divisional championship trophy in its stadium this weekend. It might be a big de ... »

Hawkeyes offense stuck in the 90s

IOWA CITY - It's either some really slick Luke Skywalker vibe or a real-life Jedi mind trick. Whatever #x201c;Star Wars#x201d; reference you ... »

No. 5 Iowa 40, Minnesota 35

IOWA CITY - It's raining bacon here. That's how good life is for the Hawkeyes. The skies have opened and everyone's favorite breakfast meat ... »

Iowa’s alt unis were something that probably had to happen

IOWA CITY - The Iowa alternative uniform week is finally here. This is what you've all been waiting for. You needed a jackhammer to punch th ... »

Iowa RBs might be back to full strength

IOWA CITY - Perhaps the biggest sign that this season is just sort of breaking right for the Hawkeyes is that their four running backs are p ... »

No. 9 Iowa 35, Indiana 27

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., - C.J. Beathard went one way. The ball went up in the air. Maybe his hip went another way. Maybe his groin. Basically, th ... »

King of interceptions

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., - Thirteen games that first season. Then the first five games of his sophomore season. No interceptions.

Desmond Ki ... »