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Hi, I'm Marc Morehouse. I've covered sports for more than 15 years, mostly in Eastern Iowa. I've had Hayden Fry call me "Mike." I've had Chad Greenway call me "Mr." And Kirk Ferentz will occasionally call me "bleep." (Kidding, kidding.) I have fun with the blog. I've made some great connections with a few readers and hope to continue that. Ultimately, I want to know what you want to know. Thanks for reading.





Four Downs (post-spring): Quarterbacks

IOWA CITY - Just when C.J. Beathard thought he was out ... they pulled him back in.

Iowa's quarterback first showed signs of a limp in late September. It was the hit on a TD run against Pitt. Beathard went to the sideline and was put through a t ... »

Four Downs (post-spring): Wide receivers/tight ends

IOWA CITY - So much of the offseason talk in regard to Iowa's receiving corps has been focused on what it's missing. It's a valid point. On paper, it's not a strength and the roster is full of short resumes.

But it does have senior tight end Geo ... »

Four Downs (post-spring): Running backs

IOWA CITY - We've talked quite a bit about Akrum Wadley this spring. He's got storylines and he's an exciting performer. Wadley probably rates as a Hawkeye you're happy to pay money to see.

During his kind-of-breakout 2015, Wadley rushed 83 time ... »

Big Ten isn't playing 'Global Thermonuclear Conference Realignment'

ROSEMONT, Ill. - What I do love, I mean hate, about the Big Ten athletics director spring meetings is the fact that we're in a building where huge topics are discussed on one floor and the air goes out of the balloon on the next floor.

All the g ... »

Whole Ferentz contract extension/rollover thing is a lot to consider

ROSEMONT, Ill. - Iowa athletics director Gary Barta had to cut out of the Big Ten athletics director meetings early Wednesday. The topic, from my end anyway, was going to be the fact that his football coach has just - JUST!!! - four years remaining on h ... »

Big Ten does its thing, SEC does its thing

ROSEMONT, Ill. - During Tuesday's Big Ten athletics director meetings at the league headquarters, school officials and coaches met in suites above the lobby and then walked downstairs to speak with media.

It didn't feel as if there was measuring ... »

All is pretty much quiet on Big Ten media rights front

ROSEMONT, Ill. - There was no real news on the Big Ten media rights front during Tuesday's Big Ten meetings. Whatever front there was it was united.

Conference athletics directors and coaches wholly believe that B1G Commissioner Jim Delany will ... »

Four Downs (post-spring): Offensive line

IOWA CITY - Iowa's offensive line is often thought of as the bedrock for what the Hawkeyes are able to do. And it's true.

And it should be true again in 2016. The Hawkeyes return five players who saw a few starts or a lot of action. When you thi ... »

More Hawkeye football kickoff times

Wednesday morning, the Big Ten released kickoff times for 2016 homecoming games.

Iowa has a homecoming. Every school in the Big Ten has a homecoming. So, we now have two more kickoff times for the Hawkeyes, ... »

The Iowa football org chart

IOWA CITY - I admit to catching up on the news with this, but I did want to add one element that I thought it needed.

Here's the UI release on the hiring of Broderick Binns and Tyler Barnes.

On April 29, Iowa head football coach Kirk ... »

Iowa spring game stats and lineups
Quarterback C.J. Beathard is OK. He suffered a bruised shoulder - throwing shoulder, BTW - in practice Wednesday. He had an MRI and everything came ba ... »
Fine tuning C.J. Beathard's long ball
IOWA CITY - C.J. Beathard was pretty good on deep passes last season. Of course, there's always room for improvement, and Greg Davis is pushing for ex ... »
Akrum Wadley still rewriting his storyline
IOWA CITY - Akrum Wadley opened eyes in 2015. The New Jersey running back did all the things everyone got a glimpse of in 2014. Wadley ran away and a ... »
Iowa has skin in off-campus instruction ruling
The great college football debate of the moment is satellite camps. You might think it's about Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and his shirtless incursion ... »
Runway seems clear for Jay Scheel
IOWA CITY - Sometimes, it's difficult to know why curiosity surrounds certain players. Every year, one player seems to generate a good amount of quest ... »
Wallace, Iowa linebackers start in a good place
IOWA CITY - Yes, Seth Wallace does inherit a great group of players in his first season as Iowa's linebackers coach. No, he won't punch out and let th ... »
Morgan searches for magic eight D-linemen
IOWA CITY - Iowa defensive line coach Reese Morgan is on a quest for depth this spring. Last season, Iowa had one of the best defensive lines in the ... »
Welsh and center might not just be a spring thing
IOWA CITY - The center position is largely regarded as the most cerebral on the offensive line. There is some counting and the center does have to ide ... »
Beathard not 100 percent, but still doing everything
IOWA CITY - Wednesday was Iowa's fourth practice of spring football. The Hawkeyes were in pads and the quarterbacks were hitting. They were hitting t ... »
Drew Ott's direction remains in limbo
IOWA CITY - There was nothing definitive Wednesday on Iowa defensive lineman Drew Ott's appeal to the NCAA for a medical hardship waiver and a fifth y ... »
Time is running out on Ott and the NCAA
IOWA CITY - Drew Ott remains stuck in carbonite, just like Han Solo at the end of "The Empire Strikes Back." The big difference is no one knows if a s ... »
Hawkeyes start spring minus two defensive starters
IOWA CITY - Iowa will begin spring practice Wednesday without a pair of starters on defense. Head coach Kirk Ferentz said during a Tuesday news confe ... »