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Lynda Waddington

At The Gazette I serve as a columnist, blogger, community engagement co-leader and member of the editorial board. I've been both an insider and observer of Iowa politics and, shockingly enough, I still enjoy it. While I write on a variety of topics, I enjoy telling the stories of everyday people most of all. My house is home to two cats, two dogs, two children, a few hundred dust bunnies, at least a couple of MIA hamsters and, of course, my spouse. Our oldest daughter was released into the wild a few years ago, and should phone her mother more often.





How far has culture of sexism at Statehouse spread?

Been thinking there must be some deeply rooted cultural phenomenon that led Iowa lawmakers to propose - and, unfortunately, pass - bills that negatively impact women? Turns out, you're right.

A recent court case, brought by a former Iowa Senate R ... »

Health care failure is bipartisan

#x201c;Think of it as a starter house,#x201d; former U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin said in 2010 of the newly minted (and already dented) Affordable Care Act.

His meaning, if it isn't clear, was that the ACA, or Obamacare, never was intended to be stagnant ... »

Does Cedar Rapids need to address panhandling?

With an eye toward the city of Cedar Rapids' latest ordinance intended to curtail roadside panhandling, I took to social media and the streets Thursday with my writing hand extended.

#x201c;Does the city need to do something about panhandling?#x20 ... »

Bucking against serenity

My Mom displayed a copy of the Serenity Prayer prominently in our home. A Reader's Digest Condensed Book turned religious knickknack, the volume had been glued open, sprayed gold and hodged-podged with fancy text of the prayer and related graphics.

... »
Act now for net neutrality

Following the major win for net neutrality in 2015, many may have thought it was a moot issue. It isn't, and we all need to act this week to protect and preserve an open internet.

The new Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, has ... »

Ferret out root causes of opioid epidemic

Locals gathered at diners and other venues, I thought, would be abuzz with news of a man who crashed into a parked semi-trailer only moments after injecting heroin. I was wrong.

The crash happened one sunny afternoon in Manchester, N.H., a town I ... »

Get more creative in protesting

If those opposing a certain political candidate or personality didn't line up on sidewalks shaking signs and screaming chants, how could they still be seen and heard?

Various forms of that question have arrived in my inbox over the past week, res ... »

Godfrey court decision good for Iowans

Iowa Supreme Court Justices narrowly decided last week that citizens can sue government officials who violate their rights.

The ... »

Is it too late to snip the fuse on fireworks?

Once you open Pandora's box of booming missiles and colorful starbursts, it's impossible to completely refasten the lid. But maybe we can agree it needs better hinges.

Iowa's new fireworks freedom was hastily crafted by an #x201c;alpha male#x201d ... »

Can Iowa maintain high rank?

Boosted by past policy decisions, Iowa has become a leader in child economic well-being. according to one national study. But the Hawkeye State is beginning to lag on children's health.

Iowa is among the top five states in the ... »