On Iowa Podcast: Happy Holiday, Hawkeye football fans

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There wasn’t a lot of drama with Iowa and its bowl destination.

News started to leak around 11 a.m. on Sunday that Iowa was picked to face USC in the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27 (7 p.m. Iowa time kick, FS1). It’s likely the only drama was the Citrus Bowl hanging on to teams to make sure it got what it wanted. Bowls do pay for the pecking order, and so the Citrus probably wanted to measure all options.

And then Michigan and Alabama, Harbaugh and Saban, popped up on the Citrus’ screen and that was that.

USC isn’t what it was, but it is a blueblood and this is an opportunity for Iowa to win a game that will stick with people.

Scott Dochterman and I go discuss the Hawkeyes’ bowl and a few of the prospects for the game.

What else? We talk the passing of Bump Elliott. He’s responsible for a lot of what you see at Iowa, particularly the continuity.

We talked about the news from last night with A.J. Epenesa and Tristan Wirfs. They’ve taken their first steps with the NFL, putting their names in for a league draft evaluation. It’s the same map that T.J. Hockenson, Anthony Nelson and Amani Hooker took out of town last year. Noah Fant did his business shortly after Nebraska and skipped the bowl. Hockenson, Nelson and Hooker played in the bowl. Epenesa and Wirfs will play in the bowl. We’ll see after that.

Great Twitter questions today! Thanks so much for your participation this season. We’ll be back later in the week next week. It’s signing day week.

Football never sleeps.

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