On Iowa Podcast: Lots of Q&A, plus Michigan State's Mel Tucker hire, transfer portal D-linemen

Mel Tucker, Michigan State's new football coach, speaks at a news conference, Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, in East Lansing,
Mel Tucker, Michigan State's new football coach, speaks at a news conference, Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, in East Lansing, Mich. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)

Today was mostly a question #oniowapod, and you guys were fantastic.

We talked about the Michigan State hire, defensive linemen in the transfer portal and the best Archer episode (that was very short).

• Co-host Scott Dochterman had a sit down with Kirk Ferentz. We got into his first post from that, which was about officiating. It’s more the rules than the officials is the basic point.

• Probably no “Two Score Milker” T-shirts because I can’t decide if it needs a hyphen.

• I scooped through the transfer portal and found one D-lineman that Iowa could perhaps get. But everyone sees the transfer portal. The no-brainers are pretty much gone. It was pretty tumbleweedy. But, this is only February. This window will stay opened until June.

• Yes, if we can point a laser at a boiling pot of water, we sure as hell should have a better way of measuring for first downs. But then, when I retire, I want to be a down box guy for a prep team. Don’t ruin my dream, you guys.

• Had a good question about journalistic life before social media. I would say they’re different and one isn’t better than the other. We are talking more and I think that’s a good thing.

• We will be doing a two-person draft of KF era players this summer. If we can work it out where we could do it live, that’d be cool and fun for everyone.

• The best ep of Archer is “Vision Quest.” It’s the one when they were all trapped in the elevator. That crazy Cyril!

• When is a good time for a college football coach to retire?

• The worst food is butter beans.

• I give the MSU hire a C.

• Brands vs. KF contract. I think KF is the better value given the scale, but having Brands at Iowa for eternity won’t suck.

• The officiating topic did include a question about the calls we hate the most. You guys knew which calls. You know us too well.

• Mark Stoops … Tune in for that one.

• Weirdest football roadie was definitely in Boulder.

• A replacement for Chris Doyle might already be on staff.

• We touch on Iowa club hockey. Now that it’s playing games in CR, I might make it my winter beat. Why not?

• Scott is the goalie from “Slap Shot.” I’d be Oglethorpe.

• The entertainment value of Tom Brands.

Thanks for listening and for participating. Had a lot of fun. It’s a longie. Enjoy.

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