How would you design an alternate Iowa uniform?

While you wait for the Hawkeyes to release theirs, send us your concepts

As teams across the country release new uniform designs, tweaks or combinations seemingly every week, Iowa sticks with tradition.

That's not a bad thing, even if you can make an argument that fresh uniforms help recruiting, excite fans, or at the very least, increase a school or program's #brand awareness. 

The Hawkeyes have a great classic look and one that you can expect them to sport each Saturday, other than the occasional throwback or military-tribute game.

But when signs started to point toward Iowa wearing a special uniform for its Nov. 14 night game against Minnesota, and the team subsequently released a teaser video, you could see the buzz it generated about joining the trend.

As the anticipation continues before Iowa gives us a really good look at what they'll be donning under the lights at Kinnick Stadium, we wanted to ask you, what would you want an Iowa alternate uniform to look like?

Taking a page from the UniWatch book, send us your ideas and we'll compile the best here for our readers to see. A couple guidelines:

Send any standard file format to @CRGazetteSports on Twitter, or email by Monday, Nov. 9.

Obviously not everyone is a graphic design wizard, so if you'd like, draw something by hand, scan it and send it.

It sure seems like the Hawkeyes are riding the blackout theme for this game, but we won't hold you to that restriction. Design whatever you'd like to see Iowa wear for this game, or in the future.