On Iowa Podcast: NFL Combine preview, Kevin Warren's visit, Minnesota's 'Who hates Iowa?' chant

Iowa defensive end A.J. Epenesa (left) and offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs chat as they walk to the plane to San Diego f
Iowa defensive end A.J. Epenesa (left) and offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs chat as they walk to the plane to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids on Saturday, Dec. 21 2019. (David Harmantas/Freelance)

The #oniowapod got a little drafty this week.

It wasn’t a total nerd-out, but we played the draft note. We don’t know why draft-niks say A.J. Epenesa is slow. We don’t know why they call Tristan Wirfs unathletic. We obviously don’t agree, and none of what we think really matters. It’s the NFL people’s opinion that really matters. In other words, this all will be sorted out.

The NFL combine kicks off next week. Scott and I talked about what each of the five Hawkeyes will face there. Epenesa will show off the wealth of knowledge he’s gained in the game in the last two years. He’ll show off his “three downsness.” Think the NFL will ask Wirfs about accessing his nasty streak? They will.

The combine is going to be huge for Geno Stone. We talked about the range he’ll probably have to hit in the 40. Amani Hooker clocked 4.48. Stone will have to be in the 4.4 to 4.5 range. Stone openly talked about how his measureables might be perceived by NFL scouts. His eyes are open. He knows this is a big deal.

Cornerback Michael Ojemudia has had enough ups and downs in his career to know what he is as a football player. He has the size to potentially play safety in the NFL. The combine will also be a very big deal for him. Maybe fifth rounds for Stone and Ojemudia.

For quarterback Nate Stanley, it’s probably more about fit than what round he goes in. He’s going to need a place where he can grow his game in relative anonymity. Scott’s point on going to a place like Chicago, where QB is a shaky thing right now, was fantastic. A place that desperately needs a QB is a place Stanley won’t be able to grow. Does Stanley get the Kirk Cousins chance? All it takes is one of those.

We will be meeting with Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren Friday in Iowa City. We talked about what we should ask. (Yes, we will ask the football nerd questions because we are football nerd questions.)

We probably didn’t spend enough time on “Who hates Iowa,” but the sentiment that Minnesota has tattooed that to its forehead should make Iowa fans warm and cozy at night.

You’ve won the battle. You have an entire athletics program that happily assumes “Lil’ Bro” status with each and every “We Hate Iowa” chant.

Wear it like a medal or your favorite T-shirt.

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