Letter: Time for common sense gun legislation

I have had enough of people saying you are in our thoughts and prayers when a shooting takes place. It is time for action people. Call your senators and representatives and tell them to get out of the National Rifle Association’s pockets and give us some common sense legislation on gun control. Why can anyone be able to have an assault rifle?

Don’t talk to me about your constitutional right to have firearms either. My husband used to duck hunt and he had to put a plug in his gun so he would only have three bullets in the gun. It seems like we are more about protecting ducks than humans. If you are as mad as I am about the last shooting, contact your government officials and tell them how you feel. Sen. Chuck Grassley at (202) 224-3744, Sen. Joni Ernst at (202) 224-3254 and Rep. Rod Blum at (202) 225-2911. This will take about five minutes of your time.

Pat Fitzgerald