Letter: More voices needed to object to Trump's behavior

When good people don’t speak out evil flourishes.

I object to our president’s nastiness to politicians who disagree with him. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz and hundreds of others were terribly demeaned. This is shameful of the president and may result in talented people leaving politics.

I object to our president humiliating dedicated FBI, Department of Justice, Department of State and other civil servants who have served us with distinction under both Democratic and Republican presidents. These people help protect civil society. It is obvious what the president and his minions are doing.

I object to our president calling news sources that dare disagree with him “fake news.” An independent press is critical to democracy. Look abroad and know that numerous countries don’t have a free press.

I object to our president arousing hate by equating the behavior of Nazis with others. In the last century brave Americans fought and too-often lost their lives against people who tried to forcibly spread hate.

I object to our president displaying contempt toward immigrants. Immigrants bring needed vitality and diversity to America. I welcome new people for two generations ago immigrants were my family members.

I object to our president’s constant lying and the resulting disrespect shown the American people. Do we want our children to think this is acceptable behavior? Hundreds of lies have been uttered by him in 2017.

We need voices objecting. People from all political views please speak loudly now and in the ballot boxes in 2018.

Steve Feller