What the legislature did and didn't do in 2018

The State Capitol dome is illuminated by the sunset in Des Moines on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017. (Rebecca F. Miller/The Gazette)
The State Capitol dome is illuminated by the sunset in Des Moines on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017. (Rebecca F. Miller/The Gazette)

Here is a partial scorecard of how selected issues have fared in the 2018 legislative session:

Action taken

Action not taken

  • Regulate/ban use of automated traffic cameras/enforcement devices (SF220/SF2148/HF2118)
  • Reinstate a limited death penalty (SSB3134)
  • Create “heightened scrutiny” in religious freedom cases (SF2154/HF2209)
  • Phaseout the property tax “backfill” for local governments (SF2081)
  • Create educational savings grants for parents to enroll children in private schools (SSB3206)
  • Extend 1-cent SAVE sales tax for school infrastructure until 2049 (HF2438)
  • Regulate how public universities and colleges handle free speech (SF2344)
  • Legalize fantasy sports/sports betting (HF613/HSB680)
  • Expand state’s 5-cent bottle deposit law (HF575)
  • Enact “constitutional carry” change to firearm permit system (SF2106)
  • Require five-justice Iowa Supreme Court supermajority to hold a state law unconstitutional (SF2153)
  • Allow firearm possession when transporting someone to/from school (SF2086)
  • Raise legal age to buy tobacco products to 21 (SF2097)
  • End tenure systems at public universities/community colleges (SF41)
  • Require minors to wear helmets while riding motorbikes/ATVs (SF2111/HF2092)
  • Direct state to request bids to sell or lease the Iowa Communications Network (SF2219)
  • Toughen criminal penalty for intentionally blocking major highway (SF2222)
  • Create crime for causing vehicular death caused by excessive speed (HF2430)
  • Establish a moratorium of construction of large-scale livestock facilities (SF2008/HF2135/2083)
  • Eliminate the Iowa Department of Education/transfer duties to other agencies (SF2017)
  • Include simulated firearms in the definition of dangerous weapons for robbery (SF3006)
  • Amend Iowa Constitution to impose term limits for state-level offices (SJR2005)
  • Set primary runoff election when no one polls 35 percent of vote (SF483)
  • Allow RV/motor home sales on Sunday (SSB3139)
  • Authorize state board to make changes to the medical cannabis program (SF2181)
  • Require Iowa students to pass a civics exam to get a high school diploma (SF2341)
  • Modify the daily time K-12 students can spend riding the school bus (SF2137)
  • Reduce penalty for first-offense marijuana possession (SF2180)
  • Expand medical conditions covered by medical cannabis law (SF2157)
  • Increase state cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack (HF2339)
  • Make state employees financially liable for workplace sexual harassment damages (HF2044/SF2107)
  • Beef up water quality/livestock feeding regulations (SF2161)
  • Limit campaign contributions to political candidates (HF2184)
  • Add post-traumatic stress disorder to medical cannabis treatment (HF2202)
  • Mandate cultural competency school requirement for ninth-graders (HF2204)
  • Make size/distance changes to confinement livestock regulations (SF2036)
  • Reduce number of days when fireworks can be legally used (HF2220)
  • Establish firearms policies/penalties at child-care facilities (HF2245)
  • Require all presidential candidates to release income tax returns (HF2034)
  • Bar state Racing/Gaming commissioners from more than two consecutive terms (SF2041)
  • Waive public college tuition/fees for students in high-demand fields (SF2046)
  • Require large-scale livestock farmers to report manure spills (SF2049)
  • Allow county officials to regulate siting of large-scale livestock facilities (SF2006)
  • Eliminate the Iowa Department of Public Health/transfer duties (HF2017)
  • Give schools option to teach Bible and other religions (HF2031)
  • Alter ballot name order in elections for partisan offices (SSB3191)

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