Full list: bills dead or alive after Iowa Legislature's 'funnel' deadline

The dome of the State Capitol building in Des Moines is shown on Tuesday, January 13, 2015. (Adam Wesley/The Gazette)
The dome of the State Capitol building in Des Moines is shown on Tuesday, January 13, 2015. (Adam Wesley/The Gazette)

To remain eligible for consideration the remainder of the 2016 session, policy bills must have the approval of one legislative chamber and a committee in the other by Friday. In Iowa’s Legislature — Democrats have the majority in the Senate and Republicans in the House — that means the only bills that met this week’s deadline have at least some support from both political parties.

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Here is a score card on how selected issues fared in this week’s legislative “funnel” deadline:



Tie together water quality/school infrastructure funding (HSB601)

Legalize possession/use of consumer fireworks (SF2113)

Ban tanning-bed access to minors under age 17 (HF420/SF232)

Legalize fantasy sports games (HF281/SF166)

“Couple” federal income tax changes to state tax code (HF2092)

Increase state aid to schools for fiscal 2017 (SF174/175)

Legalize possession/transfer of firearm suppressors (HF2279)

Expand medical cannabis access (HSB6070)

Allow ATV/snowmobile operators to carry firearms (HF2283)

Require medical assessment of sports-related concussions (HF2421)

Raise employment provider rate increase (SF2101/HF2272)

Establish confidentiality for weapon permit records (HF2314)

Make juvenile delinquency records secret unless judge makes public (SF2181)

Allow bullied student to open enroll for varsity sports participation (HF2264)

Regulate transportation network companies (HF2219)

Allow some 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections (SF2142)

Report state audit financial irregularities to county attorney (SF2156/HF2118)

Modify probation, parole and work release provisions (SF2059)

Allow lottery ticket sales via self-service kiosks (HSB540)

Expand renewable energy tax credits (SF2223)

Expand statewide preschool program (HF2037/SF2009)

Expand criminal offense for sex exploitation by school employee (HF2011)

Enhance absentee ballot voting for military/overseas Iowans (HF2147)

Include jailers under criminal offense of interference with official acts (SF2115)

Upgrade Iowa’s identify theft statute (HF2271)

Modify sex offender registry provisions (HF2149/SF2268)

Amend law dealing with hazardous household waste (SF2181/HSB609)

Modify penalties for trespassing (SF2185)

Report use of state tax proceeds for bridge repair (HF2241)

Create renewable chemical production tax credit (HSB518/SSB3001)

Issue driver’s license denoting veteran status (SF2187)

Extend to 10 years child endangerment statute of limitations (SF2183)

Transfer Sac & Fox tribal law enforcement functions (SF2022)

Exempt African hair braiding from state cosmetology licensure (SF2013/HF2094)

Report inventory of untested rape kits (HF2420)

Bar credit card for child without guardian/custodian permission (HF2007)

Change handicapped placards law (HF588)

Require ballot measure to relocate/establish/consolidate county seats (SF165)

Create license plate decal system for nonprofit groups (HF245)

Promote “Buy Iowa First” program (SF1)

Establish preschool expansion incentive program (SF2237)

Expand to 10 years statute of limitations for kidnapping/human trafficking (HF2278)

Require carbon monoxide alarms in multi-unit dwellings (HF2310)

Allow requests for individuals to obtain own criminal history data (SSB3025)

Expunge public intoxication conviction after two years (SF2164)

Require meningococcal immunization to attend middle/high school (SSB3073)

Expand regulation of commercial animal kennels (SF502)

Create Enhance Iowa Board and fund (SSB3094)

Create state Department of Public Safety human trafficking office (SF2191)

Allow lottery ticket sales from self-service kiosks (HF2146)

Require county engineers to report bridge repairs yearly (HF2345)

Allow emergency personnel to hold elective office (HF2352)

Promote drug overdose prevention efforts (SF410)

Allow release of unclaimed cremated remains (HF2266)

Eliminate civil service residency requirement (HF2267)

Establish AmeriCorps program for refugees (SF2153)

Enact “right of assistance” local preemption on nuisance property calls (HF493)

Establish seasons and limits for harvesting turtles (HF2357)

Prohibit state from investing in companies boycotting Israel (HF2331)

Extends time permitted for storing animal pelts (HF2343)

Establish a clearinghouse for providing information on state veterans’ preference hiring (HF2415)

Expand definition of father for parental rights (HF2270)



Beef up oversight for privatized Medicaid managed care (SF2213)

Add transgender to hate-crimes protections/enhancements (SF2284)

Create “right to try” experimental treatments for terminally ill (HF2231)

Increase state aid to schools by 4 percent in fiscal 2018 (SF2092/2093)

Ban sale/donation of fetal body parts (HF2329)

Create seven new crimes for mistreating animals (SF2289)

Eliminate front vehicle license plate requirement (HF2148)

Require reasonable passing distance between vehicles and bicycles (SF2076)

Strengthen provisions of state wage discrimination law (SF2193)

Bar cities/counties from limiting immigration law enforcement (HF2276)

End privatized Medicaid managed care changeover (SF2125)

Require reasonable passing distance between vehicles and bicycles (SF2076)

Move school board elections from September to November (HF2406)

Strengthen provisions of state wage discrimination law (SF2193)

Remove criminal record “box” from employment applications (SF84)

Protect gun rights during state of emergency (HF2280)

Amend Iowa Constitution to protect electronic communications from unreasonable search/seizure (HJR2003)

Provide employees up to 40 hours leave for prenatal appointments (SF2243)

Allow schools to direct teacher development money to other purposes (HF2312)

Require reasonable employment accommodations for pregnant workers (SF2098)

Limit classroom and driving time for driver’s education (HF2099)

Allow fishing without a license at private lake/pond (HF2262)

Dispense up to 12 months’ supply of oral contraceptives under Medicaid (SF2222)

Remove age restriction for possession of gun/revolver (HF2042)

Grant prescription authority to certain licensed psychologists (SF2188/HSB503)

Tighten employment rules to combat employer wage theft (SF398)

Allow straight wall cartridge rifles to hunt deer for minors (HF2047)

Establish sobriety/drug monitoring for offenders (HSB606)

Amend Iowa Constitution to provide right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife (SJR2003)

Allow any qualified parent to teach their child to drive (HF2110)

Require DOT traffic-cameras certification and fines deposited to courts (HF2109)

Standardize law enforcement data to prevent racial profiling (SF2173)

Establish pre-arrest diversion program for certain offenders (HF2155)

Waive hunter education requirement for military veterans (HSB582)

Bar DNR officials from buying weapons seized as public nuisance (HF2144)

Expand vehicle registration fee exemptions to disabled veterans (HF2259)

Allow .410-gauge shotgun or muzzleloaders to hunt wild turkeys (HF2108)

Bar GPS device placement without consent (HF2077)

Establish veterans’ treatment courts in each judicial district (SF2168)

Bar hunting or taking deer by feeding in a baited area (HF2160)

Change criminal penalties involving crack cocaine (SF2186/HF2309)

Require reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees (SF18/SF313)

Bar unauthorized placement of a GPS device (SF416)

Extend time for homeowners to bring action for faulty/defective work (HF2332)

Require health insurance to cover assessment/treatment of eating disorders (SF2019)

Repeal criminal offense of public intoxication (HF2023)

Add dating violence education to school curriculum (SF2077)

Require health insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders (SF2072)

Oversee private boarding schools (SF2235)

Affix identification to blind or stand used for deer hunting (SF2003)

Extend statute of limitation for criminal acts against a minor (SF2226)

Strengthen Iowa’s gift law for government employees/officials (SF2143)

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Or if you have a story idea we should look into? Tell us here.