Lisbon animal rescue seeks grant money to fund additional care

Vote by July 25


LISBON - Baloo, an 18-month-old silver lab, was recently found starving, along with five other dogs in a Sioux City home where their owner had died two to four weeks earlier.

Two of the dogs were dead and the other two, like Baloo, were nearly starved to death, Roxanne Hoover, director of Fur Fun Rescue in Lisbon, said Friday. Baloo was emaciated and taken to a shelter where employees discovered he had been living with a broken hip for over a year.

Baloo has since had surgery after being referred to Fur Fun Rescue, a non-profit that provides medical treatment to rescue animals before they are adopted out. Hoover said Baloo’s broken hip has been corrected and he is walking 2 miles a day.

The rescue has other success stories like Baloo and with the help of individuals in Eastern Iowa and across state, they are hoping to have many more, Hoover said.

“All you have to do is vote for us to receive a $5,000 to $20,000 from Healthy Paws," Hoover said. “It’s easy, they don’t collect personal information and there are no other requirements.”

Fun Fur Rescue was one of six non-profits from across the country and the only one in Iowa chosen by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation, based in Bellevue, Wa., to participate in the Health Paws Rescue Race. The foundation offers pet insurance and helps rescues and animals shelters provide treatment and care to homeless pets.

Each organization chosen is asked to share one of their happy tales such as, Baloo’s recovery, and Healthy Paws is asking the public decide who gets the largest grant.

Fur Fun was in third place as of Friday but Hoover said if they receive the top grant for $20,000 that would pay two months of veterinary bills but any money they receive will help them continue their work. The organization is staffed by volunteers and all their donations and any grant funding goes to medical treatment for the animals.

“This grant would be huge for us,” Hoover said. “Right now we have 72 animals and usually out over 300 a year. We recently took in a St. Bernard who lived outside and his hair was horribly matted so much he couldn’t cool down. He drank 5 gallons of water when he first came to us.”

Hoover said she expects they will receive more dogs in similar conditions during these high heat conditions, as well as throughout the summer.

The voting for the rescue race ends July 25.

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