How to take smartphone photos of fruit to brighten up your social media feed

It’s stone fruit season and thanks to fruit share I’m getting through my CSA subscription.

I’ve got lots of fresh locally grown peaches around (and some damsen plums, which I start to watch for around this time of year). These survived the post-derecho power outage and I wanted to use them in something quick and pie-like to celebrate their flavor and also the fact that I finally feel like cooking again.

I’m shooting these with my smartphone camera (iPhone SE), nothing fancy, but it does the trick.

When you’re photographing a series for social media, it’s good to keep visual variety in mind — photograph from different perspectives and at different steps in the process.

My first shot is wider and shows some of the context of the prep work.

Next I decided on a tight shot of the peaches and raspberries — and sugar — before I mixed everything up. I used a steel bowl and photographed this next to a window, so the peaches are nicely illuminated along the left hand side of the frame.

Finally, this vertical medium-distance image shows most of the final tart, which I baked in a cast-iron pan.

We don’t need to see the entirety of the crust to know that it’s there. This is photographed with window light, which is illuminating the gooey berry juice in the pan and helping to bring out the texture on the surface of the pie.

A three-picture series is often all you need to share your process with the world.