Let's talk poop: A stinkin' good time

Enjoy this smelly activity sheet made by Ramona Muse Lambert just for The Kids Gazette.
Enjoy this smelly activity sheet made by Ramona Muse Lambert just for The Kids Gazette.

Where does poop come from? Poop is gross and grown-ups probably hate it when you talk about it. But if you didn’t poop, you’d die. Poop is made from all the leftover food and waste that we eat, but our body doesn’t use.

You see, when you eat, your body absorbs what it needs — fats, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and sugars. What it can’t digest and what you don’t use, you poop out.

Some foods will make you poop more than others. These are foods high in fiber. Fiber absorbs water which helps the waste in your body slide on out. There are lots of other foods that help you poop, like raspberries, apples, pears, watermelon, oatmeal, potatoes and prunes.

If you are pooping too much, there are other foods that can help “bind” you, which means make you stop pooping so much. Bananas are good at binding your poop up. That’s because they contain something called pectin, which can dry up your intestines. Dairy products like milk and cheese can also bind you up. Although, if you are lactose intolerant, they could just give you diarrhea. Red meats like hamburger and steak can make it harder to poop because they are low in fiber. Also, fast food and salty snacks can make it hard to poop because salt absorbs liquid.

So, what about farts? I knew you were going to ask.

Well, farts are just gas made by the leftover bacteria from the food you eat. The bacteria in your body makes the gases — hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and methane. And yes, if you fart near a flame, it could explode. Don’t try this.

There are lots of foods that can make you fart more, like apples, vegetables and beans. In fact a lot of the food that helps you poop helps you fart because they most often contain fiber. Fiber is harder for your body to digest, so gas can sometimes build up in inside.

Do a little experiment. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and then see how your farts smell. The grown-ups can’t be mad, because you are eating healthy foods!


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