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Taking your deck or patio to the next level with a striking firetable

Taking your deck or patio to the next  level with a striking firetable

Tony Alt knows how enjoyable it is to sit outside on spring or summer nights. He also knows how much better it is when you can sit around a fire in comfort and style.

'We're kind of known as the firetable people,' said Alt, owner and designer of ARA Gallery & Interiors, found at 4850 Armar Dr. SE in Cedar Rapids. 'We have a wide variety of firetables in stock, and they're all artistic looking. They really add to an area.'

The fire tables offered through ARA Gallery

 & Interiors all have air mixers (cleaner burning technology), all come with both LP and natural gas connectors, and most models produce over 100,000 BTU's, which means they will produce a lot of heat. 'Our tables are designed to last decades with very little maintenance,' Alt said, 'as they are made of materials that are meant to stand up to weather.'

Add to that Alt's full-service philosophy—each table is assembled and installed and clients are educated on its proper use—and a new firetable is sure to stand the test of time. When Alt works with a client, he likes to visit their home to get a sense of the area where the table and other furniture will go. From there, he customizes furniture to each client's wants and needs.

'We love to come out and make sure they get the right size table and furniture—we don't want to sell them something that is too big or too small for the space they have available,' Alt said. A beautiful Iowa evening and the perfect new firetable add up to a priceless experience with friends and family.