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Put Your Money to Work With Pira Wealth Management

Put Your Money to Work With Pira Wealth Management
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Kevin Pira didn’t grow up with a lot of money.

But that didn’t stop him from getting interested in and learning all about the stock market.

“I grew up in a low-income family, so I was exposed to the hardships of not being financially well-off. This motivated me to my very core to learn more about finance and investing.”

From an early age, Pira read everything he could about finance. When he was in middle school he began investing and stock trading — under the watchful eye of his parents — and found his true passion. “I did well with that and really learned a lot,” Pira said.

In November of 2020 he founded Pira Wealth Management, a Coralville-based wealth management company that works with individuals looking to set up retirement accounts and make investments. He began working with his first clients in January.

An investment adviser with a different approach

Pira, 23, is the first to admit that his age surprises some people. Investment professionals tend to have a few more decades under their belts. The average age of a registered investment adviser, for example, is 54 years old.

But Pira sees this as an advantage. He is one of the youngest — if not the youngest — owners of an adviser firm in the United States. “I’m really proud of that,” he said. “I’ve worked really hard for it.”

It is also part of the reason he takes a different approach to running his registered investment adviser firm.

Pira enjoys working with individuals to achieve their financial goals. And as founder and owner, he works closely with his clients, getting to know them and their investment philosophies or helping them understand their own individual approach to investing. “My clients tell me their risk tolerance and how much they want to invest. That one-on-one time is really important to me.”

Start with as little as $10,000

One signature feature of Pira Wealth Management is a low capital requirement. With as little as $10,000, investors can dip their toe into the investment waters by working with Pira. This is a substantial difference from many investment firms, which require an initial investment of $25,000 to upward of $500,000.

“There are a lot of people between $10,000 and half a million dollars,” said Pira. “When you work with me, I don’t really care how much money you have. I just enjoy helping you make investments.”

He said this can be valuable knowledge for individuals, especially those who may not have invested in the stock market before. “With ultralow interest rates, there is a need for higher yields which the stock market can provide. I firmly believe this is a better approach than letting capital sit in a bank account earning a penny a year in interest and eroding to inflation,” he said.

Besides doing discretionary trading, Pira Wealth Management also sets up retirement accounts for individuals of any age.

Your interests come first

Pira said he believes strongly in the benefits of every individual working with a professional investment representative like himself. “A few simple pieces of investment advice can go a long way,” Pira said.

And thanks to the fiduciary standards by which he runs his company, Pira said his clients get top priority. “My client’s interests come before everything else,” he said. “I have taken the extra effort to eliminate all conflicts of interest, and I don’t receive any kickbacks or incentives for making certain investments. I purposely set up my company that way.”

“I like to make this process as simple and painless for clients as possible,” Pira added. “This is a very compelling service. My clients are not locked into contracts. I don’t charge cancellation fees. And it is extremely transparent. They can see what is happening daily with their investments if they want.”

In the meantime, Pira Wealth Management continues to grow, as does Pira, who has completed his Series 65 exam to become a registered investment adviser and is working toward his Certified Financial Planner designation.

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