Shutter in Place: Taking time to appreciate the magic of what's around you


In light of my increased time spent at home, I’ve begun just looking at things.

I assure you, I have other hobbies and interests. But I really do just look at things more often now. Things that may need repair or cleaned, plants I’ve learned to pay more attention to and things I simply appreciate about my home.

One of the best parts about photography, to me, is the opportunity it affords us to observe a subject in a new way.

A sports photographer may look for an athlete’s expression in a defining moment. A portrait photographer sees beyond a subject’s potential insecurities and aims to capture their personality in a moment. A landscape photographer looks to light, shadow and perhaps a new angle to showcase a view or feature that could be missed.

And I, apparently, as a quarantined photojournalist, wanted to look at some objects around the house.

I recognize I didn’t follow the lead of my colleagues on keeping things simple and proving you can shoot interesting work with a range of gear, including your smartphone. Forgive me, I was having fun.

I hope you’ll have fun, too, looking at things around your home with a new perspective. If you choose to do so with a camera, know that your creativity is worth more than your camera gear needs to be. You have to see the photo before you can make it, anyway.