Photos: Is McKinley STEAM academy haunted?


If you’ve been keeping up with The Gazette for the last couple of months, you’ll know that education reporter Molly Duffy and I are spending the schoolyear embedding at McKinley STEAM Academy in Cedar Rapids. We’re looking at public education, their transition to a STEAM academy, and issues facing schools. While working on our second story about the history of the building, we learned that many people consider it to be haunted. And it just so happened that one of the school’s custodians and his wife are paranormal investigators. So for fun, we got permission to do some ghost hunting late one Friday night. Josh and Katie Hopkins took us through the school’s darkest passageways in search of signs of paranormal activity.

While the pair were unable to reach a definitive conclusion based on what we saw and heard, they maintain that the school is ripe for haunting. Maybe our readers will find clues in the photos that we’ve missed. ~ Rebecca Miller