Garth Hinrichs

Tribute to My Father
Garth Hinrichs

Father, why must you work so hard? Daughter, so you will be strong and enduring.
Father, why must you search for knowledge and truth? Daughter, so you will learn to be wise and enduring.
Father, why must you suffer such pain and agony? Daughter, so your heart is full of compassion to forgive.
Father, why do you sacrifice all you could have? Daughter, so that you care for and protect the ones you love.
Father, why do you love me? Daughter, because you are worthy.
No one knows the fears, the pains, the burdens, the sacrifices you made.
But I do.
No one knows his honor, his loyalty, his wisdom, his strength of will, his unconditional love.
But I do.

You were a father who sacrificed for his children, because you were honorable. You gave even when you were tired without any expectations, without a thank you or a please. You bled for us because you loved us unconditionally. You still looked for truth even when others made the decision. Your God-given strength of will kept you on your path of purpose. In my eyes, no man can compare to my father's love and loyalty to his children.
Father, with all my heart and with all my soul, I pray for the Lord to bless you now, by freeing you from this world that you have served him so faithfully. I know I will see you in glory, raised up by our Lord, who has prepared your place of peace and honor in one of his many mansions filled with unlimited beauty and joy.
I love you Father.

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