Iowa Ideas 2019
October 3 - 4 | Cedar Rapids

Iowa Ideas is a nonpartisan, statewide learning experience designed to explore the key questions and big ideas that will shape the future of Iowa.

Created by The Gazette, Iowa Ideas consists of in-depth, solutions-focused journalism and events. Engaged citizens, community advocates and industry leaders are invited to join us.

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Health Care

Detailed discussion of health costs, opportunities, innovation, and services for aging, mental health and high-risk populations. Plus, where ethics meet technology in a fast-changing industry.

Iowans’ Ideas: A guest column featuring the views of different Iowans each edition

The condition of rural health in Iowa is nearing a point of crisis. Changes in payment systems and quality measures, pressure from our state and feder... READ MORE

Iowa By the Numbers: A deeper look into vaccinations for children in Iowa

The MMR vaccine protects against measles, mumps and rubella. Some variations of the vaccine also protect against varicella, or chickenpox.... READ MORE

Children's mental health: Young and struggling

Kirsta's son climbed down from peeking over the top of the fridge, where his cat was hiding, and accepted a plate of fish sticks from his mother. The ... READ MORE

Split: research efforts and their connection to economic development

In a University of Iowa clinic in Coralville this past summer, health care providers became the first in the nation to begin using autonomous artifici... READ MORE

Mother, child and the state of maternal health care in Iowa

Cailee and Tanner Wenger live in Water's Edge, a picturesque development north of Washington, Iowa, that has residents trading in lake life for "pond ... READ MORE

Combating social isolation among Iowa's elderly

D.J. Spilker and Jeri Thomas couldn't be more different.... READ MORE

Dance marathons inspire connection off the dance floor, too

Since May 12 of last year, Carie Wisor-McElroy has seen a lot of dark nights.... READ MORE

Recruit, retain, repeat: Iowa faces doctor shortage

Health care constantly evolves and shifts, in policy and practice. Iowa providers need to innovate to provide the best care.... READ MORE

Are Iowa's doctors doing enough to stop opioid use?

As Ann Aschoff thumbs through the photos on her computer, she thinks aloud how she will never forget what her son looks like.... READ MORE

Health care providers turn to population health management

If current obesity trends continue, one in eight Iowans will be diabetic by 2030. ... READ MORE

How can we curb opioid abuse in Iowa?

86 Iowans died from opioid-related overdoses in 2016, and 2,274 were admitted to hospitals for treatment, according to the Iowa Department of Public H... READ MORE

Free clinics fill a gap in local health care

The Affordable Care Act extended health care coverage to about 200,000 Iowans, but gaps still persist. The cost of pharmaceutical drugs is soaring, in... READ MORE

Conference replay: Telemedicine and the future of health care delivery

While chatting with a doctor on a mobile screen might be an unfamiliar experience for many Iowans, telemedicine is quickly sprouting up across the hea... READ MORE

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