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Data: Research commercialization at Iowa's universities

How an invention goes to market

Focusing on research can be big business for Iowa's universities.

A single "home run" invention can yield tens of millions of dollars. And as universities face funding pressures from all angles, some have suggested a focus on bringing in more research dollars could be a solution.

Explore the two data visualizations below to learn how a university invention (typically) goes through the patenting and commercialization process, and key stats about research commercialization and how Iowa's universities stack up

And keep in mind, the dollars a blockbuster invention can bring aren't the only reason Iowa's universities focus on research. 

"A brilliant idea and an economically valuable idea are not necessarily the same things," said Dan Reed, vice president for research and economic development at the University of Iowa. "[Money] is only one of the many reasons we do this. It's part of our mission to society."

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The research commercialization process: How a university invention goes to market

Data: How the University of Iowa and Iowa State University compare to peers in research commercialization

Heads up! Lots of data here, this visualization is best viewed on larger screens.

Use the grey bars at the top to navigate to different data sets. You can compare data over time and see how the University of Iowa and Iowa State University compare to peers in terms of patents, startups and royalties earned.