Gazette Daily News Podcast, July 6

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Saturday reported a record number of new coronavirus cases, even topping the 7-day rolling average, however, new deaths continue to remain low, and yesterday was another day with zero coronavirus deaths

Muscatine is now requiring masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As of yesterday, Muscatine County reported 637 cases of the infection, far less that of Johnson or Scott County. But is also has reported 44 deaths because of the virus — over five times more than Johnson and over four times as many as Scott.  The Muscatine proclamation specifies its police officers can treat violations as a municipal infraction with a penalty beginning at $500, Mayor Diana Broderson hopes that would not be needed. She likened it to people receiving warnings from police when shooting off fireworks illegally. There are exemptions if it interferes with their job, creates a workplace hazard or unsafe environment or makes a medical condition worse for the wearer. There were 50 protestors at Muscatine City Hall in opposition to the mandate, disrupting the mayor’s speech.

Kanye West says he's running for president. West announced his intent in a Twitter post on Saturday night, instantly going viral, becoming the No. 1 trending term on Twitter in the U.S.. It’s actually not entirely clear if West is serious of if this is a publicity stunt. He has talked about running for president in the past, but the announcement comes before he’s filed any of the appropriate forms with the Federal Election Commission.

Child sex abusers will get more prison time under new Iowa law. Two new state laws will increase prison time for child sex abusers and for repeat offenders who endanger lives by fleeing police in high-speed chases. The two bills provide penalty enhancements and close a loophole in one of the offenses.

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