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In Remembrance

In Remembrance

In Remembrance

In Remembrance

Here we go again! I want to say Good-Bye to Russ, my (stepfather) Dad. It’s going to be a year on May 3. We lost one mother, Colleen, on March 5 and then Russ two months later.

Never thought you would be gone so quick. That day at the hospital I was standing at the end of your bed. You would raise your arm into the air and I had a moment that I felt you were reaching for someone. It was true. (Mom and you are back together again.) When I met you, Russ, my heart knew you would be in our family. (Love you and miss you both terribly.)

My regret is that we didn’t talk more about you being in the Navy. You were also a pipefitter with Union 125. Rob and you were always talking and laughing about Andy Griffith shows. Notre Dame was your football team.

Your whole family misses you so much!


Michael and Family (Max) Tim

Russ, I love you!

Shelly and Rob will never forget you.