'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo coming to Cedar Rapids' Paramount

Theresa Caputo, cable television's
Theresa Caputo, cable television’s “Long Island Medium,” is returning to Cedar Rapids with her live experience, Nov. 9 at the Paramount Theatre. (Photo courtesy of Jonas Public Relations)

If you repeatedly find feathers, pennies, hearts or other little items in your path, that’s no coincidence, according to television’s “Long Island Medium.”

“All the signs and symbols around us are messages from departed loved ones — we all receive them differently,” Theresa Caputo said via an email interview during a cross-country tour to bring her live experiences to the masses. “I believe each and every one of us has the ability to channel our departed loved ones, and I tell people to look out for those little hellos from heaven.”

She’ll be channeling multiple hellos when she returns to Cedar Rapids on Nov. 9 at the Paramount Theatre.

While she doesn’t have a set format for her live experiences, she always begins by letting the audience know what to expect.

“But then Spirit takes me on a journey around the theater, delivering messages up close and personal,” Caputo said. “We have cameras following me around and a screen set up so you can feel and be a part the experience. I have a very small crew of eight people — we’re like family!”

Her show on the TLC channel debuted Sept. 25, 2011, and launched a new season Oct. 18. A life-changing experienced changed her life, as well.

“My friend Victoria Woods and her sister, Courtney Mullin, who was a producer at MTV at the time, had lost their father,” Caputo said. “I did a reading for them, and it changed their life, and Courtney thought everyone should be able to experience the gift of healing. That’s how ‘Long Island Medium’ came to be.”


The cameras not only showed her gallery readings and private readings, but focused on her husband and their son and daughter, now in their 20s. The cameras kept rolling, even when the glimpses into her personal life were painful, including the end of her marriage.

“When Larry and I decided to share our lives on ‘Long Island Medium’ eight years ago, we shared everything, and this was no different,” she said. “Yes, it was very hard to do, but it just proved how much ‘Long Island Medium’ helps people. So many people commented that what Larry and I were going through they were, as well, and it helped them in their situation.”

The couple divorced in 2018, but some things in her world haven’t changed. Caputo still lives next door to her parents in Hicksville, Long Island.

“I’m 52, so I guess you can say I have separation anxiety ... Seriously,” she said, “I don’t know what I would do without them.”

She takes that support and pays it forward. Her mission, whether on TV or in person, is simple:

“To help people heal after the loss of a loved one, and to let them know that all those things that go on around them that they think are a coincidence, or simply remind them of their loved one, to know that it is them. The soul-bond can never — and will never — be broken,” she said.

Messages from the other side come to her a couple of ways.

“My main way of connecting with Spirit is through feeling. I will feel the bond and relationship that you shared with them and also how they died,” she said.

“Spirit also will show me signs and symbols from my past experiences here in the physical world, to relay messages. For example: Roses are always a symbol of love and devotion; the color is where the meaning comes in. Red is an anniversary either of someone’s wedding or departure. Yellow is my symbol for someone whose name is Rose or has ‘rose’ in their name.”

And she doesn’t need to be in proximity to the deceased person’s loved ones, objects or locations in order to have them come through.


“I can channel Spirit from anywhere,” she said. “Spirit just has to push me enough to say something.”

She also can connect with her own departed loved ones, “just like everyone else,” she added.

For her own peace of mind, she blocks negative energy from coming through.

“I always protect and ground myself in God’s white light,” she said. “And when I feel things that are not of my own or no reason why I should be feeling this way, and I am not channeling, I say: ‘Be gone — you are not of me.’ So this is letting the energy know I’m acknowledging them, but do not want to feel that way.”


In a Gazette interview before her 2014 Cedar Rapids experience at the U.S. Cellular Center, she noted that she has been feeling these “nudges” from the other side since she was a little girl. She tried to push them aside, but Spirit prevailed.

“I always felt different, from the age of 4, and I didn’t know what it was,” she said.

She realizes not everyone who comes to her live experiences will believe in her gifts. Some will be dragged along and won’t even know who she is. That’s OK — that happens in her televised gallery talks, too, but sometimes the skeptics are the ones who receive the messages.

“People come for many different reasons, and it’s the same thing when people come to a reading,” she said. “Everyone comes for something different, and I think it’s always for validation for us, whatever it may be.”

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If you go

• What: Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience

• Where: Paramount Theatre, 123 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids

• When: 7:30 p.m. Nov. 9

• Tickets: $39.75 to $89.75, add on $49.95 for VIP; Paramount Ticket Office, (319) 366-8203 or paramounttheatrecr.com

• Website: theresacaputo.com

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