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Annie 'Faye' Birky Turned 90!

Annie 'Faye' Birky Turned 90!

Annie "Faye" Birky Turned 90!

Faye has been blessed with fairly remarkable physical health for 90 years as of Saturday, 12/18/2021. She may not recall much of those years anymore, but she still loves hugs and laughter, receiving greeting cards, singing songs like Jingle Bells, and loves her pie and coffee. She loves living at Heritage Specialty Care, where she is treated like a queen, for which her family will be forever grateful. If you'd like to make her day, please send a card to Faye at:

Annie Faye Birky

c/o Bev Chariton

4037 Hummingbird Ln

Hiawatha, IA 52233